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Ayak İşleriAyak İşleri
GAIN, 2021 | Comedy, Action

Vedat, a veteran missionary, and Evren, a political corrector who has studied philosophy, are the duo assigned for the 'extremely important' errands of a wealthy businessman. This mismatched duo, one of whom closes his eyes and does his duty, and the other questions every step he takes, sets out on a different adventure in each episode. But they clash within themselves, more than they do due to duty.

10 Bin Adim10 Bin Adim
GAIN, 2020 | Comedy, Drama
Rating: 4/5

Two ex-lovers Ezgi and Memet decide to take 10 thousand steps by walking together every day. Different things happen to them. But they still keep taking steps every day.


A job interview. Four candidates. Candidates who have to pass mysterious tests and show all their skills to get the job, soon become a part of this brutal method.

GAIN, 2022 | Drama
Rating: 4/5

Psychiatrist Mert Güngel is hospitalized for an experiment pretending to be mentally ill. His goal is to prove to the doctors that he is not sick and to get out of there. This experiment he made for his career turns into an inextricable nightmare in a short time.

Bizi Ayıran ÇizgiBizi Ayıran Çizgi

Sinem dies as a result of a terrorist attack in Istanbul. After receiving the news of Sinem's death, her love Sinan, who began to break his connection with life and reality from day to day, must return to the line that separates him from Sinem and save Sinem.

GAIN, 2022 | Drama, Romance

he common goal of Duran, Celal and Mustafa is to find a way to get rid of the suburban neighborhood they live in as soon as possible. Duran wants to win the Muay Thai tournament and become a wealthy and famous fighter. Celal starts working on a rap composition after his unsuccessful attempts. Mustafa, on the other hand, tries to get into the influential gang of the neighborhood. For the owner of the Golden Gloves gym, former champion boxer Hakki, the upcoming tournament is also the only opportunity to get rid of his debts to the influential brother of the neighborhood, Sedat. When Hakki's granddaughter, Asli, who lives in Germany, whom he has not seen for years, shows up with a stolen diamond and then loses it as a result of an accident, the balance in the neighborhood turns upside down.

GAIN, 2021 | Drama, Crime
Rating: 4/5

Leyla, a social media phenomenon with many followers, is named after Emre Ku, a very popular football player He gets involved in a scandal with nda. Leyla, who has been wronged by the growing events when the football player does not take a step back, is exposed to a great lynching attempt by the society and the press. However, Leyla has no intention of giving up.