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We follow the stories of six apex predators at a critical moment in their lives as they attempt to secure the future for the next generation.  Grappling with multiple responsibilities these are deadly hunters, caring parents, and cunning survivors who hold secrets and thrilling stories in their quest to survive.  For Polar Bears in Canada, Wild Dogs in Zimbabwe, Pumas in Chile, Lions in Botswana, Brown Bears in Russia, and Cheetahs in Tanzania, this is the ultimate power struggle. The stakes have never been higher - who will win and who will lose?  

Impossible AnimalsImpossible Animals

How does a sperm whale hunt using sound alone? How do elephants hear through their feet? Join biologist Patrick Aryee as he exposes the mysteries behind the world's weirdest animals.

Africa's Wild YearAfrica's Wild Year

A four-part series set over a year in Africa and focuses on each season, revealing the different conditions they bring. Temperatures, rain, and light change every animal as they adapt to the new season.

Deadly HuntersDeadly Hunters

Out in the wild, it's eat or be eaten, and few escape this one law that governs all. The eternal battle of predator versus prey has moulded and shaped all life on Earth.

Wild Dogs: Running with the PackWild Dogs: Running with the Pack

Documentary following three wild dog packs for six weeks throughout the dry season in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia.

Becoming OrangutanBecoming Orangutan

The work of a school run by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation in Indonesia, where human surrogate mothers provide orphaned orangutans with the training and support they need to grow into independent adults.

Animals DecodedAnimals Decoded

Decoding the world of animal languages and how they communicate, from whale songs to infrasonic elephants.