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Shi Fang Jian ShengShi Fang Jian Sheng
Tencent Video, 2023 Running | Action, Adventure, Anime, Animation
Rating: 5/5

In the world of "Shifang Tianyu" where strength reigns supreme, a young martial artist named Lin Tian finds himself deceived by his betrothed, Xiao Yun, and the treacherous eldest son of the esteemed Mo family, Mo Sen. They cunningly swindle him of his family's fortune and push him off a treacherous cliff. Miraculously surviving, Lin Tian awakens with a newfound determination to seek justice and reclaim his rightful inheritance. Fate smiles upon him as he discovers a mysterious black iron sword hidden beneath the cliff's depths, possessing mystical powers that aid him in his journey towards mastering the unparalleled martial arts...(Cgpt)

Magical Legend: Rise to ImmortalityMagical Legend: Rise to Immortality
Tencent Video, 2016 On Hiatus | Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Animation
Rating: 2.5/5

"Qingcheng School" disciple Leng Shuang Ning descended from the mountain and entered the world in the early Ming Dynasty, seeking to unlock his fate During the course of the suspicious group, I came across Zhu Yun , the "Emperor Jianwen" who came out of the city in Weifu . And as the mystery of the emperor's life experience is gradually revealed, the king of Yan Zhu Di plots rebellion, " Jing Nan's change " broke out and even the world is in chaos. The two protagonists live and die together, embarking on a thrilling and epic adventure from the temple to the rivers and lakes.

Bureau of Paranormal InvestigationBureau of Paranormal Investigation

In the task of catching drug lords in the Yunnan border, a special forces team accidentally enters the ancient caves of the ancient Shu, and intruded on ancient rituals. The squad was almost completely annihilated. Only Shen Shuang and the anti-drug police Sun Desheng survived, as they were rescued by a mysterious white-haired man named Wu Hao. After this incident, the two men accidentally entered the "Civil Affairs Investigation and Research Bureau" and gradually became entangled in more supernatural events, revealing the veil of another world.

Knights on DebrisKnights on Debris
Tencent Video, 2020 On Hiatus | Action

In the future world, human exploration of the universe has entered a prosperous era. Machinist Chen Mo originally thought he would successfully reach the new world-the Wild Land in an interstellar spacecraft. Unexpectedly, when he woke up, the Wild Land has become scorched, and his teammates turned into terrifying puppet monsters. Chen Mo didn't know that during several hundred years of sleeping in the dormancy chamber, humans had established an interstellar federation, and the Wild Land had become an abyss. Why am I still alive? -With countless questions, Chen Mo repaired four robot assistants with different personalities and different functions. With their help, Chen Mo prepared to return to the earth. However, an alien woman appeared, and completely disrupted his return plan...

Jing: Shuang ChengJing: Shuang Cheng
Tencent Video, 2020 On Hiatus | Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Rating: 5/5

The story tells that Na Sheng, an enthusiastic and cheerful Hmong girl, travels long distances to find his dream home, Yunhuang, in order to escape the chaos. But is Yunhuang really the legendary Taoyuan Wonderland? Along with her every step into the cloud and wilderness, scenes of bizarre and thrilling bloody winds were staged, and legends with distinctive personalities and extraordinary people also rushed to the stage, deducting scenes of poignant and moving mythical stories.

The Legend of Magic OutfitThe Legend of Magic Outfit
Tencent Video, 2023 Running | Action, Adventure, Anime, Animation | ► Trailer
Rating: 2.5/5

Qinglu Academy, a prestigious magical institution, fell victim to a devastating attack by a former traitor, losing both its legacy and the valuable Qinglu Magical Armor. Apprentice Li Qinglu joined with a mission to restore its glory.(Gpt-Sum)

The Chronicle of Heroic KnightThe Chronicle of Heroic Knight
Tencent Video, 2021 On Hiatus | Action, Fantasy, Animation, Martial Arts
Rating: 5/5

Follows aspiring young Hou Mo who stimulated the potential of his genes in an accident, from a small character in the market to a knight who helps the weak. He overcomes his own shortcomings, surpasses himself, and gradually grows into a responsible and responsible new youth. With a group of partners with the same special talents, the "Range League", and the evil organization "The Ferryman", they fought wits and courage, and completed their mission of justice as a member of the Ranger League.

Defense Fully OpenDefense Fully Open

In the test, Li Xiaobai, with the props produced by the system, passed the three hurdles of body technique, mind and cultivation and successfully entered the Holy Devil Sect. Li Xiaobai identified with his senior brother and sister. He participated in the sect's martial arts competition and defeated the experts from other states to obtain the qualification to go to the secret realm. At this time, Feng Wu Xie suddenly came to the door, stating that Li Xiaobai's impersonation of Zhang Rui was discovered by the evil cultivators, who were attacking the Immortal Feather Sect. All of them returned to the sect together and fought hard with the evil cultivators. At this time, the head of the Holy Demon Sect, Ouyezi, came out to help the crowd repel the evil cultivators. Li Xiaobai, who thought he could dazzle for two days, had no choice but to embark on a trip to the secret realm under the system's serial urging.

Spirit GuardiansSpirit Guardians
Tencent Video, 2018 On Hiatus | Action, Fantasy, Animation
Rating: 5/5

Bodyguard-for-hire Balsa her life changes when she saves Prince Chagumu from drowning. Together they have to bring the Great Egg of the Water Spirit back to it's original source, while being hunted by hired assassins.

Wangzhe Rongyao: Rongyao Zhi ZhangWangzhe Rongyao: Rongyao Zhi Zhang
Tencent Video, 2024 Running | Action, Adventure, Anime, Animation | ► Trailer
Rating: 3/5

On the vast continent, heroes break through obstacles and chase their dreams. What are heroes like? They go beyond themselves and try to be perfect; They carry burdens forward and understand the true meaning of love; They advocate power and never give up. We write biographies of heroes and start a new chapter of love and courage.

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