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All Together NowAll Together Now
Nine, 1991 | Comedy
Rating: 4/5

Back in 1972, Bobby Rivers and his rock band Still Waters were at the top of the pop charts with "Easy Street", a catchy if not prophetic tune that defined an era of carefree living. Fast forward to 1990, caught in a time-warp - Bobby is wistfully reminiscent of a time when long hair, love beads, incense, peace and harmony were part of the zeitgeist. Discovering he is the father of 15 year-old twins Anna and Thomas, it's hard to know who will have the hardest time adjusting to the new family and Bobby will need all the help he can get from long time friends Tracy Lawson, Wayne Lovett and Doug Stevens.

Nine, 2018 | Travel

Stevie Jacobs explores the marvellous culture of Port Vila, Sonia Kruger experiences the scenic wonder of Lake Louise, Vince Sorrenti discovers the finest food in Paris and Florence, while Bec Hewitt spends a day in Hamilton Island.

The Footy Show (NRL)The Footy Show (NRL)

The Footy Show is an Australian sports variety television programme. Although mainly entertainment-based, the show does focus on the National Rugby League which is Australia's primary football competition involving 16 clubs from Australia and New Zealand.

Good Guys Bad GuysGood Guys Bad Guys
Nine, 1997 | Drama

This show turns around Elvis Maginnis, a former policeman from a criminal family, who now runs a dry-cleaning business. He lives between in a grey area between good and bad. The show is an off-beat crime drama hat relies heavily on humor, contemporary music and a touch of the bizarre.

Desert VetDesert Vet
Nine, 2019 | Documentary

From the wild West of Australia comes the story of Red Dog's vet, Rick Fenny, and his network of vets who encounter extraordinary animal stories while working in the most remote places in Australia.

The Garden GurusThe Garden Gurus
Nine, 2018 | Housing/Building
Rating: 1/5

The Garden Gurus, Trevor Cochrane and the Gurus team provide expert garden advice and waterwise gardening tips for gardeners in Australia.

Footy ClassifiedFooty Classified

Football is set for a shake-up when the games biggest names and agenda-setters lock horns on Footy Classified for a provocative look at the AFL. Hosted by Garry Lyon, Craig Hutchison, Matthew Lloyd and Caroline Wilson.

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