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Forsaken PlacesForsaken Places

Historic places, forgotten, threatened and threatening at the same time. Made of steel, poured in concrete or blasted out of a mountain, yesterday's monuments from the great eras of history come alive again.

Les MecsLes Mecs

Martin, Étienne, Christian and Simon, four lifelong friends, have arrived, somehow, at the age of questioning. Haunted by the defeats of their existence, jostled by the accelerating time and driven by their unfulfilled desires, they approach the penultimate slap of their lives realizing that no matter what we say or what we want: in the end, we are always alone when it comes to facing the absolute.


After tells the story of a tragic event that suddenly arises in Lac Sabin, a small town in the Laurentians. The story begins within seconds of the fatal event and depicts the physical, psychological and social consequences of this tragedy that no one could have foreseen or avoided. Nothing will be the same in the quiet municipality anymore. It is fear, mourning, incomprehension. There are the victims, the survivors and all those around them who are trying to understand the irreparable.