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Murder In The ValleysMurder In The Valleys
Sky Crime, 2022 Cancelled/Ended | Crime, Documentary
Rating: 3.5/5

Filmed over a period of twelve months, Murder in The Valleys tells the story behind the largest and most exhaustive criminal investigation in Welsh history and its enduring repercussions. One night in June 1999, three generations of one family were brutally killed in the small village of Clydach, South Wales. For more than twenty years - and despite the conviction of a local builder - the case has deeply divided the community.

Murder UncutMurder Uncut
Sky Crime, 2024 Running | Crime, Documentary

Murder Uncut takes viewers behind the scenes of riveting homicide investigations where body, surveillance, and cellphone cams are critical to cracking the case. Featuring never-before-seen footage that reveals what first responders and detectives experienced first-hand, every episode zooms in on a single thrilling murder investigation. From the crime scene to the interrogation room-to elaborate stings captured on video-investigators, witnesses, and prosecutors provide personal accounts of how they matched wits with the prime suspects to eventually nab the killer.

The Real ManhunterThe Real Manhunter
Sky Crime, 2021 Running | Documentary

Following Ex-Detective, Senior Investigating Officer, Colin Sutton as he looks back at his most important cases and how they were solved.

Murdered at First SightMurdered at First Sight
Sky Crime, 2022 Running | Crime, Documentary

British true crime documentary series telling the first-hand stories of some of the most complex and hard-to-solve murder cases: stranger murders.

Death on The BeachDeath on The Beach
Sky Crime, 2022 On Hiatus | Crime, Documentary
Rating: 3.5/5

Examining the tragic roll call of numerous young travellers who have died under mysterious circumstances on the popular, remote backpacking Thai island, Koh Tao.

Forensics: Catching the KillerForensics: Catching the Killer
Sky Crime, 2021 Running | Crime, Documentary
Rating: 4/5

Explores horrific murder cases through the various twists and turns and unpacks in detail how the forensic work helped catch a killer. Telling these true crime stories are those closest to the case - from the forensic officers and experts, police officers, journalists, and family and friends.

The Bambers: Murder at the FarmThe Bambers: Murder at the Farm
Sky Crime, 2021 On Hiatus | Crime, Documentary

On 7th August 1985, local police entered a secluded Essex farmhouse to find five dead bodies - young mother Sheila Caffell, her twin sons, and her parents. They'd been shot and killed. Initially it appeared to be the scene of a tragic murder-suicide committed by the troubled mother, Sheila. But fresh evidence would emerge to put Sheila's brother Jeremy Bamber firmly in the frame. Arrested, charged, and convicted of all five murders, he was sent to prison for life. However, for the last 35 years, Bamber has been fighting his conviction from his maximum-security prison cell, consistently maintaining his innocence. With access to previously unheard audio tapes of Jeremy Bamber, this four-part series will use first-hand testimony and unseen archive footage to explore evidence that has emerged since the original trial and to re-examine the shocking events at White House Farm.

Ireland's Most Evil KillersIreland's Most Evil Killers
Sky Crime, 2023 Running | Crime, Documentary

Ireland's Most Evil Killers delves into the sordid world of some of the most notorious murderers the country has ever seen.

Sunshine SlayingsSunshine Slayings
Sky Crime, 2022 Running | Crime, Documentary

What happens when a trip to paradise turns into a bloody nightmare? Each episode investigates a real murder that took place in an exotic locale - while the victim should have been enjoying the trip of a lifetime.

Killer ColleaguesKiller Colleagues
Sky Crime, 2020 In Development | Crime

From twisted workplace love triangles to vengeful ex-employees, this chilling true-crime series will walk you what happens when office relationships go murderously wrong.

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