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Duck Family TreasureDuck Family Treasure

Expert duck hunters, Jase and Jep Robertson are hunting something new - buried treasure! With the help of their quick-witted Uncle Si and expert treasure hunter, Murry Crowe, Jase and Jep are ready to uncover some incredible historical

A History of the World in Six GlassesA History of the World in Six Glasses
Fox Nation, 2024 Running | Comedy, History, Documentary | ► Trailer
Rating: 1/5

Based on the New York Times bestselling book, A History of the World in 6 Glasses takes us on a tour around the world to taste the drinks that changed history. Star Dan Aykroyd hosts fellow Saturday Night Live alums Jim Belushi, Jon Lovitz, and Kevin Nealon along with Cheers stalwart George Wendt as they discuss beer, wine, coffee, tea, soda, and spirits.

Yellowstone: One-FiftyYellowstone: One-Fifty
Fox Nation, 2022 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary, Mini-Series

On the 150th anniversary of its founding, Kevin Costner explores Yellowstone National Park to find out if it's still as wild and untouched as it was on the day of its birth, and looks back at the events that led to its preservation.

Crime Cam 24/7Crime Cam 24/7
Fox Nation, 2023 Running | Crime, Short

The 12-episode series, which focuses on surveillance footage collected across the nation, provides updates on the victims and those who have been charged as well as the inside narrative of some of the most dramatic crime scenes.

Liberty or Death: Boston Tea PartyLiberty or Death: Boston Tea Party
Fox Nation, 2023 Running | Drama, Documentary | ► Trailer
Rating: 1/5

Join Rob Lowe as he presents... Liberty or Death: Boston Tea Party. Follow Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty as their courageous act of defiance sets the stage for the American revolution.

Top Combat PilotTop Combat Pilot
Fox Nation, 2023 Running | Action, Reality, Documentary, Mini-Series
Rating: 5/5

Dennis Quaid takes us inside the Marine's version of Top Gun, known as WTI. The best combat pilots in the country aim to distinguish themselves and earn an invitation to return as an instructor.

Secrets of the AsylumSecrets of the Asylum
Fox Nation, 2023 Running | Reality
Rating: 3/5

Abandoned for decades, America's most notorious asylum is being renovated. The new owners are plagued by troubled souls. A paranormal investigator and psychic medium unlock Eloise Asylum's history.

The Infomercials That Sold UsThe Infomercials That Sold Us

Legendary comedian Dennis Miller introduces us to the colorful characters who made commercials so much fun. It's a nostalgic and poignant look back at the years when infomercials ruled late-night TV. You'll see revealing interviews with infomercial stars like Tony Robbins, Suzanne Somers, Leeza Gibbons, Kevin Harrington, Brooke Burke, Melissa Rivers, Billy Blanks, and even the Shamwow Guy!

Tucker Carlson TodayTucker Carlson Today
Fox Nation, 2021 Running | Talk Shows, News
Rating: 3/5

Join Tucker Carlson for unfiltered, unafraid, and unstoppable interviews and discussions, unpacking the issues you care about, with the clarity you deserve.

Alien Abductions with Abby HornacekAlien Abductions with Abby Hornacek
Fox Nation, 2022 On Hiatus | Mystery, History, Documentary, News

Abby Hornacek travels the U. S. engaging with people and places connected to reports of alien abduction.

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