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Mirror Mirror

An old antique mirror that has been brought in the lives of Jo Tiegan and Louisa Iredale, both living in the same house in New Zealand, but in the different time age.

Good News Week


| Comedy

Good News Week is a weekly news satire show where Paul McDermott and his team captains, Mikey Robbins and Claire Hooper, lead an all star cast of comedians, media personalities, politicians and other special guests as they examine, dissect, explore and poke fun at the news stories making headlines this week.

Return to Eden


| Drama, Soaps

An Australian series about Stephanie Harper whose husband attempts to murder her through pushing her off a boat into water infested with crocodiles. Stephanie survives the attack, but her disfigurement requires extensive surgery. With a new name and face, she returns to seek vengeance.

Recruits: Paramedics

Recruits: Paramedics is an observational documentary series that follows a group of trainee students and paramedics as they train to become part of 'one the most trusted professions in the world'. The trainees will learn the hard way - first hand, in the field - how to deal with everything from cuts and bruises and heart attacks to the trauma of a high speed car crash. With unprecedented access to the Ambulance Service of NSW (Australia), the series will give audiences a unique insight into the extensive training each paramedic undertakes to equip them with the clinical skill they'll need for a long career on the road.

Wicked Science

Toby Johnson is regular easy-going student struggling with homework and girls. Elizabeth Hawke is the Teacher's pet. Nobody at school likes her and the only person she likes is Toby. One day they get hit by a ray-a unique magnetic pulse that changes everything. Suddenly they're both scientific geniuses. Seems like a wild situation for any 15-year-old. Toby doesn't know how to control the gift, and he's not easy with it. But Elizabeth revels in her new found power. She wants to dominate the school, using her gift as the ultimate weapon for success and power. He may not like it, but Toby's the only one who can hold her back. Battle lines are drawn between the two wizards of science. The normal world of Sandy Bay School is turned upside down by invisible cars, flying lawnmowers, a cloned School Principal and a rampaging T-Rex.

Show Me The Movie!


| Comedy, Game Show

Hosted by Australia's triple TV Week Gold Logie award-winning presenter and movie tragic, Rove McManus, Show Me The Movie! features two competing teams captained by acclaimed actor Jane Harber and comedy star Joel Creasey. Each week, Rove, Jane and Joel will be joined by a stellar cast of different actors, comedians and visiting international stars, who will do battle in a series of funny, irreverent and always entertaining rounds. From big-budget Hollywood blockbusters to sci-fi, animation and chick flicks, Show Me The Movie! will celebrate the good, the bad and the ugly of the big screen. The stars, A-list gossip, iconic movie dialogue and classic cinematic moments all get a comedy make-over.

Tripping Over


| Drama

"Tripping Over" concerns five young people who are brought together to Bangkok for completely different reasons. An incident there will connect them all, as they leave to countries around the world to discover their true self.

Good News World

This reboot of Good News Week sees Paul McDermott, Mikey Robins and Claire Hooper return to the current events panel show that is being billed as "Saturday Night Live meets The Daily Show with an Aussie twist".

The Surgeon


| Drama
Rating: 2/5

The Surgeon follows Eve Agius, a highly skilled and qualified female surgeon working in a field that is dominated by males. Each week this half hour series will track Eve's trials and tribulations in her battle against a man's world.

Hamish and Andy's Caravan of Courage

Over the past few years we've seen Hamish & Andy travel the length and breadth of Australia, sail to Tasmania on a tall ship, bunker down in Afghanistan with the Australian Defence force, and last year drive across the USA in their trusty campervan Abravan Lincoln. Now the time has come to visit the ancestral home of many Australians, a land steeped in history, tradition and legend, the isles of Great Britain and Ireland! Over 12 days Hamish & Andy will journey from Cork in the south of Ireland to Great Britain's proud capital - London. Traveling far from the highways and byways they'll get acquainted with the locals, immerse themselves in the unique customs and pastimes, and experience firsthand the myths and folklore.

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