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Два ХолмаДва Холма
START, 2022 | Comedy, Sci-Fi
Rating: 5/5

2140 year. A terrible virus has wiped out 99.9% of the male population of the planet. Now almost all women of the Earth live in high-tech eco-settlements far from large cities. And the surviving men are forced to either degrade, living on the remnants of a former civilization, or become "kept women" that women need to continue their race.


Andrey drives around Moscow in his old Mercedes from the 90s. At first glance, this is all that distinguishes him from other taxi drivers. But the doors of this car are not open to everyone. Its passengers can only be those who, during their lifetime, did not find the courage to admit something important to others or to themselves, those who have not summed up. Now this burden hangs on their soul and does not allow them to make the transition.


A young Russian anarchist nicknamed Karamora loses his beloved Alina in a clash with representatives of a secret organization that protects the interests of those who have ruled the world for centuries. Now he is ready to do anything to avenge his lost love. Having revealed the main secret of the enemy, Karamora realizes that the strength of those he opposes lies far beyond human capabilities.


Espionage drama set in 1990's and present-day Russia, with a strong female protagonist. It's the story of complex, dynamic woman, Hope, who has a hidden history rooting back when she was young and who lives now a double life. Mainly she's a loving mother and wife to her unsuspecting family, but she also has an inescapable alter-ego as one of the most ruthless and successful contract killers who is desperately willing to save her family and to find her way out of.

В раю мест нетВ раю мест нет
START, 2021 | Drama

Geologist Vika and geophysicist Andrei are former lovers, whose mental wound from parting is still fresh. They are called to the place of a meteorite in a deep forest, and feelings flare up with renewed vigor. But the heroes cannot be together - a deep sense of guilt does not allow them to be happy. Indeed, because of their romance, they believe, Vika's husband died, and Andrei's wife left home with her small child. Fate gives the heroes another chance - they fall into a temporary anomaly and begin a journey through the past, reliving once again all the significant events of their lives, trying to correct their mistakes. In the new reality, Vika and Andrei try to do the "right thing", but each time this is not enough to turn the tide. Step by step, Vika and Andrei really open up to each other and find out that secrets were not only in their lives.

257 причин, чтобы жить257 причин, чтобы жить

When terminal cancer patient Zhenya unexpectedly receives a clean bill of health, she can't believe it. She's in remission. But then her life implodes. Homeless, unemployed, and newly single - she stumbles across a list she wrote while she was sick of things she wanted to do when she got better. 257 of them - and now she won't give up until she checks off them all!

В Бореньке чего-то нетВ Бореньке чего-то нет

The action of the series takes place at the film studio, on the "hat" (as the movie calls the banquet after filming) of the new film of a successful director. It was on this evening that the members of the film crew not only drink champagne and eat "mimosa", but also throw out the emotions accumulated during the work on the film. Fleeting novels and intrigues come to an end, the debate fades, and the director ponders whether he managed to create something "real" after the series about bandits and cops - a movie about himself and our time.

Вампиры средней полосыВампиры средней полосы

Grandpa Slava is the oldest of the Midland vampire family. They live quietly. They live by the law. They live the unremarkable life of an ordinary Russian family and they never kill humans - ever. Although, of course, everyone knows they drink blood. And when some lifeless corpses are found in a birch grove near Smolensk... their peaceful life falls under threat.

Большая секундаБольшая секунда
START, 2021 | Comedy, Drama, Short

Two authors, he and she, are forced to work together on a script about love. They were together, but broke up a few years ago, broke up badly and have not seen each other since. Their heroes - teachers at a music school, in turn, are forced to cope with a difficult situation together. To calm her mother down, the heroine passes off her colleague as her young man. But mom's persistence makes them more and more bogged down in this game. Two lines of relationship - the authors and their heroes-teachers are intertwined around common themes: love, trust, sex, betrayal, friendship, responsibility, the possibility and impossibility of living together.