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What Would Ryan Lochte Do?What Would Ryan Lochte Do?
E!, 2013 | Reality, Sports

Ryan Lochte is not your normal swimmer and this new reality series explores his life away from the pool.


The unique love story between Aldo Gucci, the son of the founder of "Gucci", and his longtime secret love Bruna Palombo set against family politics, corporate intrigue and the worldwide expansion of the Gucci brand from the unique point of view of Patricia Gucci, Aldo and Bruna's daughter. Based on Patricia's upcoming book "The Name of Gucci."

In the RoomIn the Room
E!, 2019 | Reality

Jason Kennedy leads interviews and conversations inside celebrity homes around their latest projects, products, passions and more.

Talk SoupTalk Soup

This Emmy-winning show about talk shows serves up a wickedly funny, fast-paced smorgasbord of the most titillating - and tasteless - segments from talk TV as the host introduces each clip. The show also features original comedy sketches, usually based around a clip that is shown on that episode.

The Spin CrowdThe Spin Crowd
E!, 2010 | Comedy, Reality

2010 - Nobody knows how to make stars shine brighter or fan the flames of celebrity more than a Hollywood publicist, but the job comes with its fair share of drama too. From red carpet meltdowns to nightmare event logistics and behind-the-scenes blow ups, PR guru Jonathan Cheban has seen it all. Now, he's taking his New York-based business bicoastal and aims to conquer the Hollywood celebrity scene, assisted by his affable lieutenant Simon Huck and the group of publicists that make up Command PR. All the excitement, fun and foibles of life on the Red Carpet are played out in this new reality series.

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