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Living LohanLiving Lohan

Follow Dina Lohan as she juggles her family life with business as she attempts to launch daughter Ali's career in the entertainment industry.

Opening ActOpening Act

Reality show follows YouTube talent as they get the opportunity to open for music superstars.

E! NewsE! News
E!, 2002 | Talk Shows, News

This is the flagship entertainment newscast of the E! network in the United States. Since its launch, it has broadcast under a variety of formats, at one point even airing live during the mid-2000s.

The Wanted LifeThe Wanted Life
E!, 2013 | Talent, Music, Reality

Chronicles the personal and professional lives of breakout band The Wanted.

House of CartersHouse of Carters
E!, 2006 | Reality

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter tries to reunite his family by living together in one house with his four younger siblings, including pop star Aaron Carter, for the first time in years.


#Fashionvictim centers on Anya St. Clair (Fitzgerald), an angelic squirrel of a girl who works tirelessly as an associate editor of popular VIE Magazine and is the right-hand to its editor in chief, the great Celia Avery, but beneath her grace, composure and charm are some seriously swirling demons. Finally tapping into her dark side, she is given a rush and a spooky strength that may take her to the top of the fashion world.

Clash of the Cover BandsClash of the Cover Bands
E!, 2021 | Music, Reality

Clash of the Cover Bands brings together the best cover bands from across the country to celebrate music and the art of performance across all genres. The half-hour series will see bands competing to win a cash prize by covering artists such as Aretha Franklin, Blink 182, and Bon Jovi.

Kill RealityKill Reality

We follow the lives of twelve reality stars that are all acting for the first time in a Hollywood horror film. They will have to deal with everything from learning their lines to handling a "nude" scene.

Chasing The SaturdaysChasing The Saturdays

Follow the five young women that make up British singing group The Saturdays as they branch out to the US music market.

Hello RossHello Ross

Ross Mathews is funny, heartwarming and reaches out to the inner super fan in all of us in his new late night talk show, "Hello Ross!". Featuring entertainment segments and tons of audience interaction, don't miss this opportunity to see Ross LIVE!

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