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Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant ShowSharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant Show

The show featured Sharon, Lois & Bram, their sidekick Elephant joined by Eric Nagler and a handful of neighborhood children exploring the everyday world through music. Each episode featured a special guest who joined in on the fun.

The RacoonsThe Racoons

The adventures of a family of Raccoons and their friends.

Animal MechanicalsAnimal Mechanicals

Animal Mechanicals Rex, Unicorn, Komodo, Mouse, and Sasquatch, live and play in a place unlike any other: a colorful "snap-together-take-apart" world which can also transform, just like them. Things are always popping up, changing shape and most of all presenting challenges to the Animal Mechanicals.

Lost Secrets Of The PyramidLost Secrets Of The Pyramid

Lost Secrets of the Pyramid unearths new details of what may be humanity's greatest achievement-Egypt's Great Pyramid of Giza. Combining immersive CGI imagery, 3D modeling, and incredible excavations, the pyramid's deepest secrets and those of the ruler Khufu come to light in unprecedented detail. When a dismantled boat and the oldest papyrus ever recorded are found, David Suzuki joins leading experts to answer how and why the pharaoh built the biggest pyramid of all time. Charting an incredible recreation of the daunting tasks of a sophisticated workforce, while revealing their mysterious belief system, Lost Secrets of the Pyramid exposes how this last remaining wonder of the ancient world transformed the country, its people, and the world forever.

Tom StoneTom Stone
CBC, 2002 | Drama, Crime

Tom Stone is a rogue character with a colorful past. He has been a cop, oil rigger and ex-con. Stone's background makes him an ideal candidate for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to help the group solve crimes that require the assistance of an outsider. Helping Stone with his assignments is by-the-book Cpl. Marina De Luzio, a commercial crime specialist with an on again-off again friction between herself and the unconventional Stone. That friction often carries over into their cases. Tom's scotch-drinking, cigar-smoking buddy is American Jack Welsh.

CBC, 2015 | Adventure, Children, Animation
Rating: 3/5

Based on the best-selling and well-loved children's magazine Chirp, this series celebrates play, imagination and the power of invention. Chirp, Tweet and Squawk are three best friends who use their imaginations and everyday objects to get them into-and out of-fantastically fun adventures and hilariously sticky predicaments. In each 11-minute episode, Chirp, Tweet and Squawk imagine themselves on grand quests through jungles or on pirate adventures... but often their imaginations can get them into trouble.

St. Urbain's HorsemanSt. Urbain's Horseman

Based on the novel by Mordechai Richler -Winner of the 1971 Governor General's Award - this is the story of Jake, a film director of modest success and a man in disgrace. His alter ego, his cousin Joey - Nazi-hunter, adventurer, hero of the Spanish Civil War - is the avenging horseman of Jake's impotent dreams.

Emily of New MoonEmily of New Moon
CBC, 1998 | Drama

Based upon the trilogy by Lucy Maud Montgomery, Emily of New Moon follows the life of orphaned Emily Bryd Starr (Martha MacIsaac) who is sent to live with her stern Aunt Elizabeth and kind Aunt Laura. She becomes friends with Ilse Burnley (Jessica Pellerin), whose mother vanished when she was a child. Nearby lives Teddy Kent (Shawn Roberts), whose mother is overbearing and to complete the cast of characters is the charming Perry Miller (Kris Lemche), the chore boy at New Moon. While the TV series is not faithful to the books, it is still good family entertainment.

Huckleberry Finn and His FriendsHuckleberry Finn and His Friends
CBC, 1980 | Action, Adventure

Huckleberry Finn and His Friends was a television series documenting the exploits of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer, based on the novels The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by American writer Mark Twain.

Mr. MeatyMr. Meaty
CBC, 2006 | Children

Fresh off the grill, made to order the Mr. Meaty way. Your choice of toppings: meat, meat and more meat. Welcome to fast-food hell, right across from the Salad N' Dressin in the second-floor food court. Josh and Parker are in charge around here, and what they lack in customer service they more than make up for in imagination. With visits from cryogenically frozen former managers and frightening fry monsters, Josh and Parker have plenty on their plates, aside from meat. Head on down to Mr. Meaty for good times, good friends, and, well...MEAT!