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The Real Gilligan's IslandThe Real Gilligan's Island
TBS, 2004 | Reality

Based off the popular, original 1960's sitcom Gilligan's Island, The Real Gilligan's Island will bring the original to life, as seven castaways (each based off a character of the original series) will be stranded on a deserted island and will have to work together to get themselves back home. To kick off the challenge, two complete sets of castaways are put up against one another: there are two real-life skippers, first mates, millionaire couples, movie stars, farm girls and professors all competing to be the only castaway of his/her kind on the island. A series of elimination challenges bring the castaways down to one set. Once eliminated to one set, the castaways will compete against each other to become the sole castaway. The winner gets a monetary prize.

Who Gets the Last Laugh?Who Gets the Last Laugh?
TBS, 2013 | Comedy, Sketch/Improv, Reality
Rating: 1/5

This show puts a new twist on the comedy format by pitting two comedians against each other in the ultimate prank challenge. First, they must dream up the funniest and most outrageous pranks possible, then successfully unleash them on the public. A live audience then determines which comic really got the last laugh. Who Gets the Last Laugh?

Do It YourselfDo It Yourself

The multicamera comedy revolves around Nick, a laid-off math teacher forced into the blue-collar world when he gets a job at a big-box home-supply store.

WCW ThunderWCW Thunder
TBS, 1998 | Action, Sports

The war between World Championship Wrestling and the New World Order boils over to Thursday nights as WCW presents Thunder.

Frank TVFrank TV

Master Impersonator Frank Caliendo is set to take over TBS with this highly anticipated new comedy show. A veteran of MADtv, Caliendo will show of his skills at playing such characters as George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Dr. Phil, and more.

Funny or Die Presents America's Next WeathermanFunny or Die Presents America's Next Weatherman

Each classic reality show element - from the physical challenges to the dramatic vote-offs - will be tweaked through the Funny Or Die prism as 12 competitors compete for a job as America's next great weathercaster, Matt Oberg hosts the competition, which will be judged by longtime weather personalities Johnny Mountain and Jillian Barberie.

America's Greatest MakersAmerica's Greatest Makers
TBS, 2016 | Reality

This spring, tune in every week for a new reality TV challenge where teams of makers invent game-changing technology all for a chance at $1 million prize.

The Dress Up GangThe Dress Up Gang
TBS, 2020 | Comedy

The Dress Up Gang is set in a surreal version of Los Angeles. Donny and Cory are roommates who look out for each other. Donny, a responsible adult with the temperament and outlook of a child, relies on guidance and life advice from Cory, the dad-like 30-something who has been crashing on his couch for quite some time.

Still the BeaverStill the Beaver
TBS, 1984 | Comedy, Family

The kids of the grown-up Beaver and Wally get into similar skirmishes in this next-generation revival, which evolved from a TV-movie reunion.

TBS, 2016 | Sports, Game Show

ELEAGUE is a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league that began broadcasting in Summer 2016 on TBS.

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