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Roadworthy RescuesRoadworthy Rescues

Thousands of great American cars are slowly rotting away in hidden places across the country. Most of these vehicles are long forgotten relics that are destined never to drive down another road. Derek Bieri of the popular Vice Grip Garage YouTube channel wants to change that. He has a deep seeded belief that all these vehicles should get a second chance. Follow Derek as he seeks out abandoned cars from America's past and gets them running and back on the road where they belong.

Shorty's Dream ShopShorty's Dream Shop

Following custom car legend Javier "Shorty" Ponce and his Texas-based crew that designs and builds ground-up classic car restorations, the series showcases the Latino community's decades-long influence on car customization in America.

Ride of Your Life with Courtney HansenRide of Your Life with Courtney Hansen

For every true car lover, there is The Ride That Got Away, a special piece of their lives they were forced to give up but have never forgotten. Courtney Hansen is on a mission to reunite these owners with their missing pieces of personal history, as a kick-ass team of customizers finds the perfect match for the original car, then restores it from the ground up.

Runs GoodRuns Good

Across the US, millions of project cars lay unfinished up on blocks or under tarps. Dan Brockett, Shea Seefeldt and Aaron Parker are on a mission to rescue those broken cars. And they won't just finish them, but they'll redeem them. These guys have about a week to get them across the finish line, whether it's on a track, down a dragstrip or up a mountain.