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In Ice Cold BloodIn Ice Cold Blood
Oxygen, 2018 On Hiatus | Crime, Reality, Documentary
Rating: 3.3/5

Hosted and executive produced by Grammy and NAACP Image Award winner Ice-T ("Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"), the series spotlights shocking true stories involving sex, money, murder - or a fatal cocktail of all three. Told through in-depth interviews, reenactments and archival footage, each hour-long episode delves into an edgy mystery filled with expert detective work, unexpected turns and stunning revelations.

One Deadly MistakeOne Deadly Mistake
Oxygen, 2021 On Hiatus | Drama, Crime, Mystery
Rating: 3/5

Each episode of the series follows a homicide investigation where police work tirelessly against the clock to solve a complex case, until they discover an unlikely piece of evidence that exposes the identity of the killer.

Twisted KillersTwisted Killers
Oxygen, 2022 On Hiatus | Crime, Documentary
Rating: 3/5

Examining bizarre killers and what drives acts of evil, "Twisted Killers" tells the shocking stories of some of America's darkest and most unusual murderers. Along the way, a trio of criminal experts, including former NYC DA Beth Karas, retired LAPD Homicide Detective Tracey Benjamin and forensic psychologist Kate Termini, provides insight and expertise on how these twisted killers were brought to justice.

Criminal ConfessionsCriminal Confessions
Oxygen, 2017 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Crime, Reality, Documentary
Rating: 1/5

Criminal Confessions delves into the psychological showdown that transpires inside actual police interrogation rooms between investigators and suspects and dissects what it takes to yield a confession. Each hour-long episode takes viewers through the emotional twists and turns of a real homicide case from the 911 call to the crime scene and leading up to the interrogation room where detectives corner their prime suspect. The police officers and detectives will walk us through their strategy while interviews with the suspects' and victims' friends and family shed light on the heartbreaking details, taking viewers on an emotional journey with the hope of finding justice. In every case, the interrogating officer will "break" the suspect and get a shocking reveal of what led to the atrocious crime.

Florida Man MurdersFlorida Man Murders
Oxygen, 2021 Running | Crime, Reality, Documentary
Rating: 4/5

The series zeroes in on America's most notorious and outrageous killers from the Sunshine State. Often referenced as "Florida Man" in headlines, these killers commit bizarre and outlandish crimes that captivate the nation and sometimes feel as though they are straight out of a Hollywood movie. With the aid of Florida investigators and prosecutors, the series unravels the cases' strange twists and examines what drove these killers to commit attention grabbing murders brutal enough to mistake for fiction.

Murder for HireMurder for Hire
Oxygen, 2019 Cancelled/Ended | Crime, Reality, Documentary | ► Trailer
Rating: 1.3/5

Murder for Hire gives an exclusive look into the dark world of contract killings, showcasing some of the most fascinating murder for hire cases ever caught on tape. In an alarming trend, investigators are seeing a sharp increase in hired hits across the country, and those attempting shockingly include: housewives, wealthy bankers, military officers and even grandmothers. From scorned lovers to jealous relatives, the show explores in rare, never-before-seen footage, how a seemingly good relationship can go wrong and the emotions surrounding the reveal when an intended victim discovers a hit has been taken on their life. Each standalone episode will feature a different case of undercover agents immersing the viewer into the real life sting and investigation as they attempt to catch the perpetrator and ultimately prevent a murder.

The Disappearance of Crystal RogersThe Disappearance of Crystal Rogers
Oxygen, 2018 Cancelled/Ended | Crime, Documentary
Rating: 3.5/5

What begins as an exploration into the mysterious circumstances surrounding Crystal Rogers, a mother of five vanishing from the tiny town of Bardstown, Kentucky, quickly spirals into the dissection of multiple unsolved homicides haunting this idyllic, heartland community. Presumed dead and the victim of foul play, it has been over two years and there have been no arrests made in Crystal's case. Additionally, Crystal's father, Tommy Ballard, who was conducting his own 16-month investigation into his daughter's disappearance, was shot down and died, leaving a box of clues behind.

License to KillLicense to Kill
Oxygen, 2019 On Hiatus | Drama, Crime, Reality

License to Kill exposes the dark side of medical professionals who harm their patients. Shocking stories of betrayal and greed. Doctors who use their position to take advantage of vulnerable patients are brought to justice. This gripping series will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Jane Doe MurdersThe Jane Doe Murders
Oxygen In Development | Crime

Renowned crime scene investigator, Yolanda McClary, will work on different unknown victim cases until their identity is revealed. Presenting her findings to local authorities and work alongside them to catch the perpetrator.

Sin City MurdersSin City Murders
Oxygen, 2024 Running | Crime, Reality

Sin City Murders recounts chilling homicide cases from America's adult playground, revealing the darkness that hides behind the glitz and glam of the Las Vegas Strip and amid the vast landscape surrounding it. From high-stakes gambling to an oasis of opportunity, Las Vegas offers a little bit of everything for everyone - but what happens when big dreams turn to tragedy?