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Balala the FairiesBalala the Fairies

In the Magical World of Fairy Castle, the Fairy Queen is the leader. She knows how to apply the magic to help others. One day the evil dark fairy Luna steal the Magic Fairy Stone to practicing black magic, she want to get the highest magic secret and later hided to the human world. The Stone was guarded by the little blue fairy, Sally, in order to redeem, she was been ordered to pursue the Magic Fairy Stone by also go to the human world. Hiding in the music box, Sally had come to a house and becomes the caretaker of two girls (Maggie and Michelle) that are destined to become her Magical Fairies partners, which, the Queen approved, and Maggie and Michelle have to learn how to help the others with their new magic taught by Sally. Now, the three Fairies have to fight with the evil fairy Luna and her new apprentice Lily with the target of get the Stone back to the Magical Fairy World.