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Marc Fennell investigates an art heist like no other. It's 1986 and Australia's most expensive painting has vanished from the National Gallery of Victoria. The only clues, a series of bizarre ransom notes and a city full of rumours. This is the true-crime story of Picasso's The Weeping Woman.

Viking EmpiresViking Empires

Through new discoveries in science and archaeology, explorers take a look at the origins of the Vikings and how they influenced history.

SBS, 2005 | Music, Game Show
Rating: 5/5

Julia Zemiro and Brian Nankervis host Australia's premier music trivia quiz show recorded live in St Kilda's hallowed Gershwin Room, deep in the bosom of the legendary Esplanade Hotel.

Forgotten FrontlinesForgotten Frontlines

The stories of the Allied victory defined the greatest generation, but it's not the whole story. Conspiracies to covert ops, some pieces of the narrative fell through the cracks. Forgotten Frontlines brings to life these unheard of war efforts.

The Back Side Of TelevisionThe Back Side Of Television
SBS, 2021 | Comedy

A three-part comedy series exploring all the ridiculous, depressing and outright shameful moments in the wild history of Australian television.

Battle of AlcatrazBattle of Alcatraz
SBS, 2021 | Documentary

They were determined to escape at any cost. Featuring exclusive interviews with surviving guards and inmates, the Battle of Alcatraz tells the story of one of the greatest and most violent jailbreaks of all time. The year is 1946. And five desperate convicts are determined to break out of America's toughest prison. Planning to use deadly force to escape and then hijack a boat to freedom, the brilliant plot begins with mastermind Bernard Coy starving himself thin enough to slip between the bars of the gun gallery. But after overpowering an unsuspecting guard, mayhem erupts, and over the next two days the Rock becomes the site of a dramatic and violent stand-off.

First AustraliansFirst Australians
SBS, 2008 | Documentary

First Australians chronicles the birth of contemporary Australia as never told before, from the perspective of its first people. First Australians explores what unfolds when the oldest living culture in the world is overrun by the world's greatest empire.

The Secret Life of LighthousesThe Secret Life of Lighthouses
SBS, 2020 | History, Documentary
Rating: 5/5

Rob Bell takes us on a voyage around Britain and Ireland to reveal the hidden secrets that make offshore lighthouses such extraordinary feats of engineering.

See What You Made Me DoSee What You Made Me Do
SBS, 2021 | Documentary

A 3-part documentary series that explores one of the most complex and urgent issues of our time - domestic abuse. Presented by investigative journalist Jess Hill, this series examines the fine lines between love, abuse and power

Helsinki CrimesHelsinki Crimes
SBS, 2022 | Drama, Crime, Thriller

Follows Timo Harjunpää, a popular detective known for his honesty and empathy for the victims, as well as the criminals. He and his partner Onerva Nykanen are investigating a wave of murders taking place in Helsinki.

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