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Made In Italy with Silvia CollocaMade In Italy with Silvia Colloca

In the new 10-part series Made in Italy, Silvia Colloca - actress and author of cookbook Silvia's Cucina - will serve up an Italy rarely seen by tourists.

Food Safari FireFood Safari Fire
SBS, 2016 | Cooking/Food, Documentary
Rating: 4/5

"Food Safari Fire" explores the cultures and cuisines of Australia. In 2016, the show returns in a blaze of glory as Maeve O'Meara talks to chefs, bakers and barbecue devotees, and learns the secrets to delicious, flame-grilled food.

Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook: MelbourneRachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook: Melbourne
SBS, 2015 | Cooking/Food

Join Rachel Khoo as she immerses herself in Melbourne's rich, multicultural food scene. In this new Kitchen Notebook series, Rachel gathers cooking inspiration and discovers quirky culinary treasures.

Bogan PrideBogan Pride
SBS, 2008 | Comedy, Music

Bogan Pride is an Australian hit comedy series written, created, produced and starred by Rebel Wilson. It is centred around the escapades of an Aussie "bogan" girl (equivilant to a British "chav" or American "white trash").

Inspector Rojas: In Cold BloodInspector Rojas: In Cold Blood
SBS, 2019 | Drama, Crime, Thriller

Based on a real-life police investigation that took place in Chile this series follows the disappearance of 12 young girls from the commune of Alto Hospicio, in the north of the South American country, triggering an investigation by police captain Rojas to solve the mystery of their whereabouts.

Poh & CoPoh & Co

Poh shows viewers how to cook meals and returns home to her family and they her mother teachs here how to cook traditional Chinese meals.

Gourmet Farmer AfloatGourmet Farmer Afloat

In Gourmet Farmer Afloat, Matthew Evans takes a break from the farm to head off on the adventure of a lifetime with his buddies Nick Haddow and Ross O'Meara, mapping out Tassie's rich food heritage. The guys are swapping their wellies for deck shoes and taking to the high seas to circumnavigate their island home in a wooden yacht. The boat is stocked with fishing rods, dive gear, barrels of whiskey and history books - all they need do is learn to sail!

Tombs Of Egypt: The Ultimate MissionTombs Of Egypt: The Ultimate Mission
SBS, 2021 | Documentary
Rating: 3/5

Egyptian constructions are full of unsolved mysteries, and buried vestiges have yet to be discovered. Always looking for new discoveries, Zahi Hawass embarks on a three-month excavation work to unravel some remaining mysteries in Saqqara.

Iggy and AceIggy and Ace

Iggy and Ace are two gay alcoholic best mates who live, work and play together but after Ace decides to get sober - a rift develops between the them as Iggy balks at the idea of recovery.

Anna's OccasionsAnna's Occasions
SBS, 2021 | Reality

Pastry chef Anna Olson shares ideas and recipes for desserts for special event occasions, most not what one would typically think of at first thought. For each occasion themed episode, she demonstrates how to make three such desserts. While each may successively be not more technically challenging, it is more and more elaborate in its presentation with each successive dessert.

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