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Hot PackageHot Package

In this fast-moving, fictional entertainment-news-show parody - complete with Pat O'Brien, the former host of Access Hollywood - clips from various low-budget productions are used to create silly and often surreal segments.

Wet CityWet City

In a watery near future, a man embarks on a quest to rescue his stolen pet cyber-shark.

Saul of the Mole MenSaul of the Mole Men

On a STRATA mission to the center of the Earth, most of the STRATA Geologist team dies. Leving Johnny Tambourine, Robot, and Saul Molone, the leader. In the center of the Earth Saul finds a civilization of Mole Men, and nearly destroys it. Featuring The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, and Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends fame. Seen as a possible Land of the Lost parody.

Korgoth of BarbariaKorgoth of Barbaria

Korgoth is a 30-minute animated parody of the sword and sorcery genre and follows the exploits of the most feared and physically awesome barbarian the world has ever seen. When an unsavory ruffian swings an axe into Korgoth's shoulder, it just makes him angry. And he's irritable and bellicose at the best of times. Korgoth lives in a world of spiteful wizards, overweight inn-keepers, devious and hedonistic thieves and distressed, scantily-clad maidens. Through brute strength, an absolute adherence to the tenets of stoicism, and a fair amount of sheer luck, Korgoth often finds himself coming out ahead of his medieval antagonists.

Dinner with Friends with Brett Gelman and FriendsDinner with Friends with Brett Gelman and Friends

Brett Gelman hosts a dinner party with Dale Dickey, Gilbert Gottfried, Alex Karpovsky, Fred Melamed, Alison Pill, and Lance Reddick. Gelman shows himself to have an evil side as the party goes on. When the guests have enough, he reveals this to be a prank. Karpovsky leaves, however, Joey Fillipiano (Anthony Atamanuik) warns that there is no escape. In order to bond better, following his misbehavior, he makes the remaining five reveal their innermost secret to each other in clandestine.

The Call Of WarrThe Call Of Warr

A live, interactive experience from What City. The soldiers of 'M' Company are lost and stranded in an abandoned town, which isn't on any maps. They're joined by a ragtag trio of civilians and a weird prisoner in a mask. What's up with that mask? Why are the trees so scary? What's up with those voices? What if they run out of BEANS?

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