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Hip Hop: The Songs That Shook AmericaHip Hop: The Songs That Shook America
AMC, 2019 On Haitus | Music, History, Documentary

A documentary series produced by Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson and Tarik "Black Thought" Trotter. Each episode focuses on a pivotal hip hop song and its impact on American culture. Artists deconstruct the composition and examine the socio-economic and cultural conditions that inspired the landmark work. The series consists of six episodes.

AMC In Development | Drama, Thriller

Disquiet follows Cassie Edwards, a Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI), who is called back home to assist in a case involving the mysterious death of the former head of the school for the Deaf she herself attended. A former student of the school is the only witness and Cassie may be the only one who is able to understand him, leading her deeper into the case and forcing her to confront her own past.

AMC Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Sci-Fi

Demascus follows Demascus, a 33-year-old Black man on a mission of self-discovery and the burgeoning field of digital psychiatry that may be the key to defining his truest self.

Empire of the DeadEmpire of the Dead
AMC Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Thriller, Horror, Reality

Empire features zombies similar to those in his Living Dead series of films. One way the series departs from his films is that vampires are also part of the story.

The PitchThe Pitch
AMC, 2012 Cancelled/Ended | Financial/Business, Reality, Documentary

"The Pitch" offers viewers an intense, gripping, never-before-seen glimpse inside America's top ad agencies. Each week watch two agencies as they compete to win a new client the only way they can: by going head-to-head in a cut-throat, winner-takes-all showdown, a presentation known as The Pitch.

National AnthemNational Anthem
AMC In Development | Drama, Musical

National Anthem is the tragically funny story of a middle class midwestern family tumbling down the ladder of American society, periodically bursting into song as they struggle to catch themselves.

Broken TrailBroken Trail
AMC, 2006 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Action, Adventure, Western
Rating: 4/5

Set in the late 1890's, this story tells of Prentice "Print" Ritter, a cowboy making his last big horse run before settling down on a ranch of his own. Print and his nephew, Tom Harte, begin their journey expecting nothing out of the ordinary, but end up rescuing five young Chinese girls from the human trafficker who would sell them into a life of slavery. Now the two, along with companions they pick up along the way, must protect the girls from danger as they steer their herd from Oregon to Wyoming.

Riverview TowersRiverview Towers
AMC Cancelled/Ended | Drama

This AMC psychological thriller centers on a family who moves into an apartment building alive with paranormal activity. Expect the same level of high quality drama that characterizes Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

AMC, 2013 Cancelled/Ended | Family, Talent, Lifestyle, Reality

The show centers on ex-music producer Todd Ray as he pursues his dream to own and operate the Freakshow and Muesum on California's famed Venice boardwalk. The Freakshow is Todd's passion; he has puts all of his time and money into procuring strange creatures and oddities. Along with his wife Danielle, and their two children, the show focuses on the struggles of keeping such a bizarre business alive and thriving.

Game of ArmsGame of Arms
AMC, 2014 Cancelled/Ended | Sports, Reality, Competition

This is a look inside the raw and highly competitive world of American arm wrestling. The series follows the members of five regional arm wrestling clubs in Erie, PA, Kansas City, KS, New York, NY, Sacramento, CA and Baton Rouge, LA as they hit the road and wager their reputation, relationships and money for the sport.

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