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Outback HuntersOutback Hunters

Hunting for wild animals and reptiles in the outback of Australia.

Man, Moment, MachineMan, Moment, Machine

This program discusses a specific moment in time where a person has changed history somehow with a new invention or technology.

Patton 360Patton 360

As the United States enters World War Two, General George S. Patton sees the opportunity to fulfill his destiny. This series illustrates his combat exploits. But at times it seems he faced greater challenges with his superiors and his off the field behavior than the potent German army.

The Color of WarThe Color of War

At its core, World War II was a black-and-white struggle between good and evil. But the everyday scenes of carnage, human resistance, and guttural warfare were much more complex. A striking assemblage of color footage and photographs from national archives and private collections, The Color of War delivers striking perspectives on the day-to-day experience from every imaginable angle. From the first draftees thrown into the breach to the sheer boredom between battles to the uniforms worn and the objects carried, this unparalleled collection of voices is further illuminated by letters and diaries, communiques from the battlefield and the sounds and songs of the era.

Alcatraz: Search For The TruthAlcatraz: Search For The Truth

In 1962 John Anglin, Clarence Anglin, and Frank Morris broke out of the toughest penitentiary America had ever conceived-Alcatraz. Presumed dead, their bodies were never found. Now, more than 50 years later, the family of the Anglin brothers is coming forward for the first time with new evidence and secrets that could crack open this iconic cold case. We'll follow the family as they work alongside a retired lawman who has been obsessed with this case for decades. Together they will go further than anyone has ever been able to go solve the "Riddle of the Rock" once and for all.

Strange RitualsStrange Rituals

Sex, Magic, Miracles, Murder. All in a day's work for the team behind History Channel's dramatic global series exploring our ancestors' most extreme rites and rituals.

The PresidentsThe Presidents

This is an unprecedented eight-part survey of the personal lives and legacies of the remarkable men who have presided over the Oval Office. From George Washington to George W. Bush, THE PRESIDENTS gathers together vivid snapshots of all 43 Commanders in Chief who have guided America throughout its history-their powerful personalities, weaknesses, and major achievements or historical insignificance. Based on the book To the Best of My Ability, edited by Pulitzer Prize-winner James McPherson, THE PRESIDENTS features rare and unseen photographs and footage, unexpected insight and trivia from journalists, scholars, and politicians such as Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley, Wesley Clark, Bob Dole, and former President Jimmy Carter. Viewed within the changing contexts of each administration, the Presidency has never seemed more compelling and human. Narrated by Edward Herrmann (The Aviator).

We're the FugawisWe're the Fugawis

A show which follows the hilarious misadventures of The Fugawis, an Upstate New York motorcycle club comprised of life-long best friends.

The Century of WarfareThe Century of Warfare

Ride into Aqaba with Lawrence of Arabia. Stand with Patton as his tanks lead the Allied breakout from the coast of Normandy. Patrol the nighttime jungles of Vietnam... A CENTURY OF WARFARE explores the pivotal battles, profiles the commanders and chronicles the myriad ways in which war has shaped the modern world. The 26 hour-long episodes in this monumental set feature an encyclopedic collection of archival film dating back to 1896, creating an unforgettable visual record of every major military engagement from the precursors of World War I to the liberation of Kuwait.

Secrets of War: DeclassifiedSecrets of War: Declassified
History | Documentary
Rating: 3/5

Striking Secrets That Changed History! Discover the most cunning stories of deception and sabotage that forever changed the course of history! With each episode telling a strong, specific and factual story, Secrets of War has become an instant classic offering the most historically accurate complete guide in the 20th Century ever produced. Narrated by Oscar award-winner Charlton Heston, this series brings to life the conflicts that pulsed through the battles behind the battlefields. Uncover the strong, specific and factual tactics used by history's most influential leaders.