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Sugar Apple Fairy TaleSugar Apple Fairy Tale
AT-X, 2023 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Family, Adventure, Fantasy | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.7/5

The fantasy novels are set in the Kingdom of Highland, where fairies serve humans, and center on a girl named Anne. Anne's mother recently passed away, so Anne decides to carry on the family trade and become a Silver Sugar Master, a special artisan who can create magical candy. With her foul-mouthed fairy bodyguard Charles, she sets out on a journey to the capital.

Fairy GoneFairy Gone
Tokyo MX, 2019 Cancelled/Ended | Action, Fantasy, Anime, Animation | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.2/5

"Once upon a time, fairies were tools of war." The story takes place in a world where fairies possess and dwell in animals, giving them mysterious abilities. By removing the organs of a possessed animal and transplanting them into humans, fairies can be summoned as an alter ego and be used as a weapon. Such individuals who used fairies as war tools were called "Fairy Soldiers." Once the war was over and they completed their roles, the soldiers lost their purpose. Some began working for the government, some joined the mafia, and some even became terrorists, as each chose their own way to live. Nine years have passed since the war. The protagonist Mariya is a new recruit of "Dorothea," an organization which investigates and suppresses fairy-related crimes. Amidst the unstable political situation, criminals with lingering wounds from the war and past conflicts emerge and engage in terrorism as an act of revenge. This is the story of Fairy Soldiers, fighting for their own justice in a chaotic postwar world.

Winx ClubWinx Club
Nick, 2004 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Family, Action, Adventure | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.7/5

A show about 6 Teen fairy girls: Bloom, Flora, Musa, Stella, Layla, and Tecna, who all go to a realm to learn magic.

Sofia the FirstSofia the First
Disney, 2013 Cancelled/Ended | Family, Teens, Adventure, Children | ► Trailer
Rating: 4/5

Sofia, is a little girl with a commoner's background until her mom marries the King and suddenly she is royalty. With the help of the three fairies in charge of the Royal Training Academy, Sofia learns that looking like a princess isn't all that hard but behaving like one must come from the heart.

The Fairly OddParentsThe Fairly OddParents
Paramount+, 2022 On Hiatus | Comedy, Drama, Family, Action
Rating: 5/5

A live action show based on the popular animation series.

World of WinxWorld of Winx
Netflix, 2016 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Family, Action, Mystery
Rating: 5/5

In "Winx Club WOW", the winxs embark on a journey through the world looking for talented young people in areas such as arts, music and science. As participants of the reality TV program WOW !, the Winx have to travel the world in a secret mission: to make the dreams of talented children come true! The boys and girls that they are have their own magic, and fairy Winx Club are delighted. With so much magic, the confusion is not slow, and Bloom and her friends are faced with a new and dangerous mystery. The Winx Club fans will love the new approach with more serialized stories and designed specifically for viewing on demand to subscribers of Netflix.

Fairy RanmaruFairy Ranmaru
AT-X, 2021 On Hiatus | Action, Fantasy, Anime, Animation

Set in a world of cruelty and heartbreak, Fairy Ranmaru: Anata no Kokoro Otasuke Shimasu follows five young men who work at the mysterious "Bar F" and who offer to heal the hearts of their clients, wiping away their tears and causing smiles to bloom like flowers. They take no payment... aside from stealing their clients' hearts.

Ben & Holly's Little KingdomBen & Holly's Little Kingdom
Channel 5, 2010 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Family, Adventure, Children
Rating: 4.5/5

This is a ten minute animation series for pre-school children set in a tiny land of elves, fairies, small animals and insects. These characters are so small that to them flowers and blades of grass seem like mighty trees. Each episode combines situations that will be familiar to small children (including playing games, snowy days, holidays, birthdays, bathtime) with the magical elements that are part of everyday life for fairies and elves. The stories revolve around the daily lives of Holly, a tiny five-year-old fairy princess and her best friend Ben, an elf of the same age. Because Holly is a young fairy she is still learning how to do magic properly and her spells often don't work out quite as planned. She also has quite a bit to learn about flying and mostly flutters close to the ground. Ben is a young elf. Elves can't do magic and they don't have wings. But elves are very brave, can run fast and are very good at making things - especially toys. Ben is extremely proud of being elf.

Leviathan: The Last DefenseLeviathan: The Last Defense
TV Tokyo, 2013 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Animation

The story is set in Aquafall, a fantasy world abound with water and greenery, and populated by dragons and fairies. Meteorites suddenly bring forth evil creatures that threaten all living things on the planet. The fairy Syrup assembles the Aquafall Defense Force, with three girls of the dragon clans as recruits. The story follows Syrup and the dragon girls Leviathan, Bahamut, and Jörmungandr as they work together to battle enemies and grow up.