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Ghosts (2021)Ghosts (2021)
CBS, 2021 Running | Comedy, Fantasy | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.1/5

A struggling young couple's dreams come true when they inherit a beautiful house in the country, only to find out it's falling apart and haunted by the ghosts of previous residents.

ITV, 2015 Running | Drama, Crime, Mystery, Mini-Series | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.5/5

Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar star as detectives investigating a 'cold' murder case of 39 years ago. When the bones of a young man are found beneath the footings of a demolished house, an investigation begins that will unravel the lives of four people who have been waiting for this moment for nearly forty years, as they discover that the past can't, and won't, stay buried forever.

Run (2020)Run (2020)
HBO Max, 2020 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Thriller, Romance | ► Trailer
Rating: 2.8/5

Run is about about ex-lovers who made a pact 15 years ago that if they ever needed to escape life, they could send each other a simple text message - "RUN" - and impulsively disappear together. Run is their story.

The Woods (2020)The Woods (2020)
Netflix, 2020 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Crime, Mystery, Thriller | ► Trailer
Rating: 3.9/5

A prosecutor's sister went missing 25 years ago. When a body is found, he sees hope. But the woods hold secrets that may be better left buried. In this suspenseful series, the past and present collide as a family's secrets are exposed. Will justice be served? Or will the truth destroy them?

Zeytin AğacıZeytin Ağacı
Netflix, 2022 Running | Drama, Romance | ► Trailer
Rating: 4/5

Three friends arrive in a seaside town, where they connect with their spiritual selves and suddenly face unresolved trauma from their families' pasts.

La Jeune Fille et la NuitLa Jeune Fille et la Nuit
France 2, 2022 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Thriller, Mini-Series

The story opens in the present day, at a high school reunion in the south of France where three former friends reconnect. They grew apart and lost touch, but they are still bound by a tragic secret tied to the disappearance of a high school girl who went missing 25 years ago in the region.

Holiday SecretsHoliday Secrets
Netflix, 2019 Cancelled/Ended | Drama
Rating: 5/5

A Christmas reunion becomes a gateway to the past in this three-part series that explores the intimate complexities of one family's history.

Presunto culpablePresunto culpable
Antena 3, 2018 Cancelled/Ended | Thriller | ► Trailer
Rating: 5/5

Set in an idyllic fishing village in the Basque Country, "Presunto culpable" tells the story of Jon Arístegui, a scientific researcher living Paris who, after a terrible incident, is forced to return to the village where he was born and which he abandoned ten years earlier. There, Jon has no choice but to confront the ghosts from his past and with a mystery that was never resolved: the disappearance of his girlfriend, Anne.

Lauchhammer - Tod in der LausitzLauchhammer - Tod in der Lausitz
Das Erste, 2022 On Hiatus | Drama, Crime, Mystery
Rating: 3/5

A mysterious murder of a girl brings Maik Briegand (Mišel Matičević), who, like his father and brother, became a police officer in GDR times, back to the place of his childhood: Lauchhammer. Together with the LKA investigator Annalena Gottknecht (Odine Johne), Briegand begins to remove the secrets of the past, layer by layer, which confront him with the trauma of his youth.

When My Love BloomsWhen My Love Blooms
tvN, 2020 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Romance

When My Love Blooms is a heart-wrenching drama that follows the story of a woman who reunites with her first love after 20 years. As they navigate their past and present, they discover that their love still burns bright. This emotional rollercoaster is a must-watch for fans of romantic dramas.

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