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The Abyss GameThe Abyss Game
iQiyi, 2023 Running | Action, Adventure, Anime, Animation

In the Abyss game, Qiao Jingting allies with Shu Ai and Bai Er against the evil ruler Han Bin and Heart Moon Fox. Amid a seeming victory, they fall into Han Bin's trap, shattering their trust. Zou Yidao's arrival shifts power dynamics, offering hope, but his ambiguous morality and deal with Han Bin create new challenges. Qiao Jingting and team unite with Zou Yidao to defeat Han Bin. Yet, as they leave the novice village, they face unforeseen threats surpassing Han Bin's, bringing an unknown multitude of crises in the outside world.

Secret Societies: In the ShadowsSecret Societies: In the Shadows
Fuse, 2022 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary

Secret rituals. Blood oaths. Dark ceremonies. Fraternal orders. Around the world, and throughout history, secret societies have bubbled under the surface. In crypts and clubhouses, under lock and key, in the darkest corners of the internet, they assemble for mysterious purposes. Do they pull the levers of power or set out to destroy the ones in charge? What dark mysteries lurk behind closed doors; the sacred or the profane?

Carlos, Rey EmperadorCarlos, Rey Emperador
TVE, 2015 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, History, Biography

This is a production starring Blanca Suarez and Alvaro Cervantes that tells the story of one of the most powerful men Europe has ever known, governor of an empire of such extraordinary proportions and diversity. Produced in collaboration with Diagonal TV, over 100 historical characters are portrayed through the series. Through the story of the life of Charles of Habsburg from his arrival in Spain, viewers will discover how the heir of the Roman Empire, Burgundy, the Netherlands, Franche-Comte, Artois, Nevers and Rethel, territories of Aragon and its Italian possessions and Castilian, North African and American possessions of the Catholic monarchy grows as a statesman, how he strengthens his Empire to respond to threats around him by his circle.

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