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Goblin Works GarageGoblin Works Garage
QUEST, 2018 Cancelled/Ended | Reality
Rating: 4.7/5

Three eccentric mechanics, Jimmy de Ville, Ant Partridge and Helen Stanley, are on a mission to bring the once Great British engineering company, Goblin, back to life. Together they restore some of the world's best known cars and bikes, using artisan skill to create wacky and daring designs. This series follows the trio as they tackle complicated builds, all whilst taking on the pressures of expanding a new British business and brand. Featuring ground-up restorations, Goblin Works Garage turn classics into customs - completely transforming the look and performance of cars. Coming up, Jimmy sets out to build a 'rally car for the road' but a test drive crash changes the plan of action for its restoration. With wild paint schemes, engine upgrades and cutting edge design, this is a super stylish, custom car show like no other.

Dinner: ImpossibleDinner: Impossible

A great chef with a big personality and lots of talent is challenged to put together a dinner in a short amount of time for special groups of people. He doesn't know how much time or resources he will have until he gets there.

The Bridge AustraliaThe Bridge Australia
Paramount+, 2022 On Hiatus | Adventure, Reality
Rating: 1/5

With bare hands and basic tools, 12 strangers are tasked with building a 330 metre bridge across a lake over 17 days. But as always, there's a catch - and the mysterious glowing beacon is the key. 

Ruby SpeakingRuby Speaking
ITVX, 2023 Running | Comedy | ► Trailer
Rating: 3/5

Ruby Speaking follows Ruby's misadventures working in a call centre. Ruby is a popular addition to the workforce but puts other people's problems above her own and definitely above making a sale. 

Ned's Declassified School Survival GuideNed's Declassified School Survival Guide
Nick, 2004 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Family
Rating: 5/5

The series follows Middle Schooler Ned Bigby, and his two pals, Moze & Cookie. Ned's mission is to help kids survive school and get through the school year with the School Survival tips he often gives people whenever the are in trouble or need help. The tips usually work, but other times, they'll cause some serious trouble at James Polk Middle School. Fortunately, Ned always has a backup plan to get him and his friends out of trouble, which can sometimes result in crazy antics. This show was created by Scott Fellows, who is a writer for The Fairly Oddparents. And unlike most live-action shows, each episode offers two 15 minute segments.

The Really Loud HouseThe Really Loud House
Paramount+, 2021 Running | Comedy, Family, Children | ► Trailer
Rating: 5/5

Lincoln Loud is an 11 year-old boy with 10 sisters, as he navigates everyday life while living with such a large family. Known as the "Man with a Plan," Lincoln enlists the help of his best friend Clyde McBride to tackle the obstacles and mayhem that they encounter during their daily adventures.

Deadly EngineeringDeadly Engineering
Science, 2019 On Hiatus | Documentary
Rating: 4.5/5

Pushing the limits can have devastating consequences.

Prototype ThisPrototype This
A&E, 2008 Cancelled/Ended | Family, Discovery/Science, Educational, Reality
Rating: 1/5

"Prototype This" turns dream projects into reality on this Discovery Channel series based around designing and creating robots, gadgets, and other things.

Cesar 911Cesar 911
Nat Geo, 2014 Cancelled/Ended | Educational, Pets/Animals, How To/Do It Yourself, Reality | ► Trailer
Rating: 1/5

They bark incessantly. They nip at your fingers and toes. They growl and bare their teeth. They annoy friends and fellow dog walkers. And sometimes they scare the ones you love. When the neighborhood has literally gone to the dogs, someone needs to pick up the phone and dial Cesar 911!

Genius by Stephen HawkingGenius by Stephen Hawking
PBS, 2016 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary
Rating: 5/5

Genius by Stephen Hawking is a captivating anthology drama that chronicles the lives of the world's most ingenious innovators. Hosted by the brilliant Stephen Hawking, each episode delves into the minds of legendary scientists and explores their groundbreaking discoveries.