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Building HawaiiBuilding Hawaii

Hawaii residents Tyler and Deandra Dickensen are giving it everything they've got to create a successful building company from the ground up. From new construction to renovation, they'll create stunning houses, showing their clients that it's possible to get the home of their dreams while shattering Hawaii's slow "island time" reputation. And with a new baby daughter in tow, they're taking on a big new client; building themselves a brand new home.

Renovation GoldmineRenovation Goldmine
HGTV, 2022 On Hiatus | Housing/Building, Reality

Chicago's Joe and Meg Piercy, owners of a successful design and renovation business, are dedicated to repurposing the goldmine of treasures found in clients' homes. In each episode, the duo will revive old furniture and other pieces their clients already own and use the money saved to give families their dream home renovation.

Buy It or Build ItBuy It or Build It
HGTV, 2022 On Hiatus | Family, Housing/Building, Reality

Chris LaMont loves old homes with great bones and potential, but his brother Calvin would rather get the whole wish list with new construction. Once their clients decide to buy or build, these brothers work together to deliver on the home of their dreams.

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