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Underbelly: Land of the Long Green CloudUnderbelly: Land of the Long Green Cloud
TV3, 2011 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Crime

This is the New Zealand story of the real Mr Asia, Marty Johnstone, and New Zealand's first ever drug cartel, The Syndicate.

Haus of ViciousHaus of Vicious
BET, 2022 On Hiatus | Drama, Mini-Series
Rating: 5/5

From creator Jill Ramsey, the eight-episode first season follows Roman's character Chantel Vivian, a fashion designer whose success is overshadowed by her narcissistic husband, addiction, unresolved childhood traumas and dysfunctional personal life. With the assistance of her secret weapon, Jaelyn Ryan (Erica Peeples), publicist to her Vicious Empire, Chantel works to rise through the ranks, but her husband Kane's (Redaric Williams) behavior threatens to tear down the house Chantel built.

Evolution of EvilEvolution of Evil
AHC, 2015 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary

Join us as we delve into the twisted minds of the world's most infamous dictators and despots. From Hitler to Stalin, we explore their rise to power and the atrocities they committed. Through rare footage and expert analysis, we uncover the Evolution of Evil that shaped the course of history. Don't miss this gripping journey into the dark side of humanity.

The Rise of PhoenixesThe Rise of Phoenixes
Hunan TV, 2018 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Romance, History
Rating: 5/5

The story of power, desire, lust and love among people of different kingdoms in ancient China. No matter who you are, you have to rise from the mud to become The Great Phoenix.

Canale 5, 2007 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Crime, Mini-Series, Biography
Rating: 4/5

Corleone follows the long and bloody ascent of Salvatore "Toto" Riina in the Mafia, starting with his childhood in Corleone, to the violent war that he led in the '80s and '90s against both rival gangs and law enforcement.

Tyrant: The Rise of Adolf HitlerTyrant: The Rise of Adolf Hitler

A radical re-telling of the events that lead to the Second World War, focusing on the period between March 1938 and September 1939. Throughout the series, a team of leading young historians explain what Adolf Hitler was doing day by day, week by week during this period, looking at each moment through his eyes, and revealing how this tyrant brought the world to the edge of destruction.

El ChemaEl Chema
Telemundo, 2016 Cancelled/Ended | Action, Crime

El Chema is an American telenovela produced by Telemundo. It is a spin-off of the telenovela El Señor de los Cielos. The series is starring Mauricio Ochmann as "El Chema". El Chema tells the story of how Chema Venegas (Ochmann) got his start in organized crime and rose through the ranks to become the head of the cartel he runs in "El Señor de los Cielos." El Chema began breaking the law at a young age, transporting marijuana across the US-Mexican border when he was just a boy. Little by little, he worked his way up to become a successful and skillful leader, earning his place through bloodshed and brutality, in the history of drug trafficking. Since he was a young man, El Chema has been one of the most important public enemies of both the U.S and Mexican governments.

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