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Poorly Drawn LinesPoorly Drawn Lines
FX, 2021 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Animation

The fantastical misadventures of Ernesto, Tanya, and Kevin-three twenty-something best friends navigating early adulthood in a world where the strange and surreal are an everyday thing.

The Rocky and Bullwinkle ShowThe Rocky and Bullwinkle Show
NBC, 1959 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Family, Children, Sci-Fi
Rating: 5/5

Rocky and Bullwinkle began life in the 1950's television show, The Frostbite Falls Review. It was created by Jay Ward and Bill Scott. Their names in that show were Rocket J. Squirrel and Canadian Moose. The Frostbite Falls Review was not very successful so Rocky and Bullwinkle became the stars of their own show, Rocky and His Friends. The show was co-created by Alex Anderson and premiered on November 29th, 1959 on ABC. Added to the cast were Boris and Natasha, two Pottsylvanian spies. The show also featured various segments; Peabody's Improbable History, Fractured Fairy Tales, Mr. Know-It-All, and Aesop and Son. In 1961, the show moved to NBC and was renamed The Bullwinkle Show. In 1964 the creators moved the show back to ABC where it was cancelled at the end of that season. The next year the show did reappear back on ABC; Bullwinkle and Rocky were replaced by Hoppity Hooper, while the other segments remained. The show ran on ABC until 1974. It was then syndicated under the n

Vic & Bob's Big Night OutVic & Bob's Big Night Out
BBC Two, 2017 On Hiatus | Comedy
Rating: 5/5

Vic & Bob's Big Night Out returns for a special one-off episode and proves to be the perfect showcase for the legendary duo's unique comedy talents.

Comedy Central, 2005 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy
Rating: 3/5

A sketch comedy show that follows the absurd adventures of Michael, Michael and David.

The Jellies (2017)The Jellies (2017)
Adult Swim, 2017 On Hiatus | Animation, Comedy
Rating: 4/5

Follows a family of jellyfish and their 16-year-old human son, Cornell, whom learns that he was adopted at birth, setting the course of hectic events he and his family must go through in a journey of finding himself.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Aquadonk Side PiecesAqua Teen Hunger Force: Aquadonk Side Pieces
Adult Swim, 2022 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Animation, Short

Vignettes centering around the villains and side characters of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

The Heart, She HollerThe Heart, She Holler
Cartoon Network, 2011 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Soaps, Horror

A live-action soap opera about folk who ain't never used soap or seen an opera. It's a satire on the emotional Hee-Hawification of America, set in a town so inbred, the folks have become almost supernaturally wrong.

Stroker and HoopStroker and Hoop
Cartoon Network, 2004 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Crime, Adult Cartoons, Animation
Rating: 1/5

John Stroker, his partner Hoop, and their wise-talking car, C.A.R.R. are private investigators. They solve cases for anyone who is desperate/dumb enough to responds to their 1/8 page ad in the yellow pages.

Get a LifeGet a Life
FOX, 1990 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Fantasy
Rating: 4/5

The misadventures of a 30-year-old paperboy (played by Chris Elliott) and his wacky parents. Show topics included the eating of a space alien, a robotic paperboy and numerous beheadings. Get a Life was also one of the first television shows that featured the killing of its star (and repeatedly so!).

Lazor WulfLazor Wulf
Adult Swim, 2019 On Hiatus | Comedy, Animation

Lazor Wulf follows the adventures of a wolf who carries a laser on his back...obviously.

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