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Canal +, 2010 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Crime, Thriller, Biography

CARLOS tells the story of Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, who was one of the most wanted terrorists in the world for two decades. Between 1974, when he attempted to kill a British businessman, and 1994, when he was arrested in Khartoum, he lived several lives under many names and went through all the political complexities of his era. Who was Carlos? How were his identities interrelated and superimposed? What did they revolve around? And who was he before he threw himself heart and soul into his endless combat? These are the questions this fiction is built upon.

The GridThe Grid
TNT, 2004 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Action, Crime, Thriller
Rating: 1/5

British and U.S. agents form a counter-terrorism unit to disrupt the targeting of the world's economic foundations.

800 metros800 metros
Netflix, 2022 Cancelled/Ended | Crime, Documentary, Mini-Series
Rating: 5/5

On Aug. 17, 2017, Spain suffers two terrorist attacks perpetrated by young people integrated into Spanish society. How could something like this happen?

Threat MatrixThreat Matrix
ABC, 2003 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Action, Crime, Mystery
Rating: 1/5

Every morning at 0800 hours, the President of the United States is given a report that outlines the most active international and domestic threats against the United States. This document is called the Threat Matrix. To combat these threats, the President, through the Department of Homeland Security, has created a highly specialized, elite task force whose mission is to keep our country safe from enemies determined to destroy our way of life.

Corrupt CrimesCorrupt Crimes
Netflix, 2015 Cancelled/Ended | Crime, Documentary

Get ready to delve into the world of crime with Corrupt Crimes. Experts share their insights on infamous murder cases, terrorism and more. Watch as government corruption and shocking crimes are uncovered. This series will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Radical Story of Patty HearstThe Radical Story of Patty Hearst
CNN, 2018 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary, Mini-Series

Follow the transformation of Patty Hearst from heiress to terrorist in a saga of privilege, celebrity, politics, media, revolution, and violence. Over forty years later, newly discovered evidence, archival footage, cinematic recreations and exclusive firsthand accounts shed light on one of the biggest and most bizarre stories in modern American history.

Avrodh: The Siege WithinAvrodh: The Siege Within
Sony Liv, 2020 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Action
Rating: 4/5

It is a War Thriller based on the theme of Indian Army and Uri Surgical Strike.

The New Age of TerrorThe New Age of Terror
History, 2017 Cancelled/Ended | Crime, Documentary

September 12th, 2001 was the first day of a new era in human history: the Age of Terror. The 9/11 attacks catapulted America to the front lines of a battle without rules or conventional tactics, where victory depended on decoding the DNA of an entirely new kind of warfare. After many years and thousands of lives lost, the world has been transformed by the conflict against terrorism, as nations across the globe struggle to meet the deadly and rising threat. Are we trapped in a war without end? Age of Terror seeks to answer the question by probing the historical roots of the conflict to uncover how today's terrorism has evolved and how we've fought back.

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