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The Twins: Happily Ever After?The Twins: Happily Ever After?
Freeform, 2017 Cancelled/Ended | Reality

After looking for love on national television, fan favorite twins Emily and Haley Ferguson, from "The Bachelor" season 20 and "Bachelor in Paradise" season 3, will say goodbye to the comfort and luxuries of living under their mom's roof and begin the hilarious journey of figuring out life on their own.

A Double Shot at LoveA Double Shot at Love
MTV, 2007 Cancelled/Ended | Romance, Reality, Game Show | ► Trailer

Bisexual twins Rikki and Vikki Mongeon round up a group of men and women looking for love in this MTV reality competition series.

Immortal SamsaraImmortal Samsara
Youku, 2022 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Rating: 5/5

Yan Dan is the only descendant of an ancient tribe, the four-leaf scorpion. Since ancient times, her whole body is a treasure of medicine. She and her twin sister Zhi Xi were able to cultivate into human form at the Queen Mother's Feast a hundred years in advance, and encountered the biggest trial in her life - the love trial. She fell in love with Lord Ying Yuan but had to spend the next eight hundred years forgetting him. However at this time, Yu Mo suddenly entered her life, and become her great support. Everyday, Yu Mo takes Yan Dan out to do good deeds. One day while they were punishing evil, they meet Lord Ying Yuan's current reincarnation, Tang Zhou, who is currently a demon hunter. They help Tang Zhou search for the four ancient artifacts, and also discover a mysterious secret.

Shimmer & ShineShimmer & Shine
Nick, 2016 Cancelled/Ended | Family, Adventure, Fantasy, Animation
Rating: 4.7/5

Follows the magical adventures of fraternal twin genies, Shimmer and Shine, who unintentionally create chaos while attempting to grant wishes for their human best friend, Leah.

Sweet Valley HighSweet Valley High
Syndicated, 1994 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama
Rating: 5/5

Based on the best-selling book series, this show revolved around the lives of the Wakefield twins and their friends. Although they are absolutely identical, they have totally different personalities; Liz is everyone's best friend while Jessica is manipulative and devious. The show started out very drama-like, there was little comedic relief and dealt with serious, if not somber issues. As it progressed it took on a more lighthearted, comedic position. Although there were cast changes every season, a few stayed for all four years, including Brittany and Cynthia Daniel who played the Wakefield twins. Not only was the theme song an original song created just for the show, but the songs used throughout the episodes were too. A soundtrack was released in 1995 featuring the songs from the series.

France 2, 2020 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Crime, Thriller, Mini-Series

A haunting depiction of two young lives plagued by tragedy and trauma, this six-part limited drama series chronicles the disappearance of 18-year-old Laetitia Perrais in western France. Left to reconstruct the teenager's final hours for answers, investigators clue in on the deeply troubling upbringing of Laetitia and her twin sister, Jessica.

The Good WitchThe Good Witch
SBS (South Korea), 2018 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Family
Rating: 4/5

Cha Sun Hee is a housewife and she is married to Bong Chun Dae. Her husband is currently unemployed. She has a twin sister, Cha Do Hee, who works as a flight attendant. Although they are identical twins, they have completely opposite personalities. Cha Do Hee becomes involved in a situation which leads to Cha Sun Hee pretending to be her flight attendant sister. She then meets co-pilot Song Woo Jin.

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