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Harper's IslandHarper's Island
CBS, 2009 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Horror | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.5/5

A horror-inspired drama, this CBS series is about a group of friends and family who meet to celebrate a wedding on an island just outside Seattle, an island that is famous for a streak of unsolved murders seven years ago. Suspense ensues when they end up dead one by one; has the killer returned or is someone else to blame?

Wedding SeasonWedding Season
Disney+, 2022 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Crime, Romance | ► Trailer
Rating: 3/5

Wedding Season centers on Katie, a beautiful bride who we meet on her wedding day surrounded by the dead bodies of her new husband and every member of his family. The police think Katie's lover Stefan did it. Stefan thinks Katie did it. Katie thinks her ex-husband did it. No one knows what the truth is.

Married at First Sight (UK)Married at First Sight (UK)
Channel 4, 2015 Running | Romance, Lifestyle, Reality | ► Trailer
Rating: 4/5

Six couples are thrown together based on sociological and scientific data and are then meet each other for the first time, at their wedding.

Hindsight (2014)Hindsight (2014)
VH1, 2015 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Comedy | ► Trailer
Rating: 3/5

Centers on Becca who, as she nears 40, is about to embark on her second wedding to Andy Kelly, but her joy is tempered by the absence of her old best friend Lolly who's a no-show, having dropped out of their relationship years ago.

Don't Be TardyDon't Be Tardy
Bravo, 2012 Cancelled/Ended | Family, Romance, Lifestyle, Reality
Rating: 2.8/5

Kim of Atlanta is the latest real housewife who is getting her own spin-off show that will chronicle the events leading up to her 11/11/11 wedding and the ceremony itself.

The TailorThe Tailor
Netflix, 2023 Running | Drama, Mystery, Thriller | ► Trailer
Rating: 4/5

A tailor falls in love with his client, a bride-to-be, whose wedding dress he is hired to sew.

The Wedding BandThe Wedding Band
TBS, 2012 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama | ► Trailer

The Wedding Band is a hilarious TV series that follows four friends who perform in a band. They navigate through life's ups and downs while playing music. The show is packed with laugh-out-loud moments, relatable characters, and toe-tapping music. Get ready to join the party when The Wedding Band hits your screen!

Married at First Sight (NZ)Married at First Sight (NZ)
Three, 2017 Running | Reality

New Zealand's first ever local series of global smash hit Married at First Sight is here. Six couples are paired together by experts and marry at first sight in this ultimate social experiment. Will there be love and chemistry, or will the pressure be too much?

TLC, 2019 Cancelled/Ended | Family, Reality
Rating: 3.7/5

When Amish Country bride Emily doesn't feel like a princess in her ill-fitting gown, she calls in a team of Drag Queen wedding experts. Her new friends help her brush off her boring and transform her into the Queen she's always had hiding inside.

Un Cuento PerfectoUn Cuento Perfecto
Netflix, 2023 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Romance | ► Trailer
Rating: 1/5

When Margot flees her own wedding, she is left feeling adrift. Little does she know, it is David and his delightful chaos who can help her find her way.

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