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The Greatest Love


| Comedy, Drama, Mini-Series
Rating: 4/5

Ae Jung is a female band member who is already over the hill. When she enters a variety show to pretend marriage with the top star Jin, she gets entangled in a love triangle along with her ex-bandmate Kang Se Ri. Yoon Pil Joo is a doctor of oriental medicine who has no interest in the entertainment industry but meets Ae Jung by chance and falls for her.

Johnny Bago


| Comedy

After spending five years in prison, having been set up by his mafioso cousin Vincent, John Francis Tenuti falls for another set-up by Vincent (within hours of his release), this time being framed for murder. Going on the lam, he soon acquires a Winnebago, and assumes the alias Johnny Bago. He's constantly on the run from hit men sent by the mob, as well as from his ex-wife Beverly, who is also his parole officer.

I en annan del av Koping


| Documentary, Comedy
Rating: 5/5

Humorous reality program about the inhabitants at a center for mentally handicapped.

Ukens Vinner


| Comedy, Talk Shows
Rating: 5/5

The fat one, the cynical one, and the old one from the radio show Radioresepsjonen, try to make a show where they decide the winner of the week from the news.

Mustat lesket


| Comedy, Drama
Rating: 3/5

Three women are gathered at a cabin with their three colleague husbands when they watch the men blow up in the boat just going out fishing. A police man investigates the widows, who will have to try to explain what happened.

Gary: Tank Commander
BBC Two,


| Comedy

This Comedy Unit production, follows the exploits of this flamboyant perma-tanned serviceman, who looks on his time in Iraq as a holiday and whose antics are more camp than Dogwood

NPO 3,


| Comedy
Rating: 5/5

Draadstaal is a satirical sketch show of the VPRO, and CCCP 2 Dutch production company and broadcaster. It was created by CCCP, Jeroen van Koningsbrugge and Dennis van de Ven. The show featured lots of recurring stereotypical characters and is reminiscent to the work of Van Kooten en De Bie.



| Comedy

Two technology-obsessed girls decide to give it all up and lead internet-free lives.

Robson Arms


| Comedy

If you've ever lived in an apartment before you may not get to know your neighbors. At Robson Arms, you do. The Single Mom, The odd couple, the quirky family and the interesting super are some of the many characters whose lives you peer into. Each episode focuses on a certain tenant or more and shows how they interact with each other; be it a love affair or shoplifting. One roof, different worlds, do you know who your neighbors are?

The Man of Your Dreams


| Comedy, Drama

Tells the story of Hugo Bermudez an ordinary man, hardworking, honest and devoted father of a teenager who grew up alone, but is about to be discovered as the love object of hundreds of women. Affected by the mid-life crisis that has left him unemployed and emotionally wounded, Hugo accept, under pressure, work in the company "The love of your life", which promises to men and women found their other half. But the task is not simple, call more women than men, so the company hires Hugo to be the ideal man joker. Interpreting different male personalities and taking into account the wishes of clients, Hugo goes to appointments not only with a different name and appearance, has a hidden purpose: that women are dazzled with it at first but end up disappointed and ask another man or give up the task. With each woman, Hugo access a story that crosses different emotional and takes him to get involved to help resolve the conflict of the lady in question. Perform this task will also help you deal with the ghosts of his life. Only closed for years and love will begin to feel that maybe not too late to fall in love again and forget.