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Zie Ze Vliegen

The Dutch version of "Come Fly with Me"

RTL 5,


| Comedy, Family

The often energetic comedian Jandino Asporaat is guaranteed for good jokes.

Bananasplit (2009)
NPO 3,


| Comedy

A candid camera show hosted by Frans Bauer. Successor of the immense popular Bananasplit hosted by Ralph Inbar.

NPO 1,


| Comedy

Jiskefet is a humorous, absurdist series broadcast by the VPRO.

NPO 3,


| Comedy

Comedy series following the patients of a mental hospital.

Floor Faber
NET 5,


| Comedy, Drama

Floor Faber is twenty-seven years old and is looking for a boyfriend. Floor lives with her cat in Amsterdam Oud-West. She has a boring job at an insurance company. She had for two years a relationship with Erik, but there was no tension.

Lama Gezocht

Spin-off series of the populair Dutch improve series: De Lama's.


In this Dutch-Belgian co-production, attractive Dutch and Flemish (i.e. Dutch-speaking Belgian) youngsters have what they consider a dream job, virtually a paid holiday: they are 'proppers', which means a nightclub on the Spanish coast (hence the title) pays them to lure other young tourists by their natural -sexy- charms as well as handing out fliers, e.g. for free drinks or competitions, on the beach. They cohabit in free accommodation, so there's ample opportunity for conflict, pranks and love affairs among each-other as well as affairs with 'clients'. However Stuart, the boss of the proppers from rival nightclub Empire, is not content just competing, so he tries to play dirty tricks on our bunch, which spices some story lines. Over he seasons, some leave and others join the team.

Dennis vs Valerio

The winner is the one who can get the other to laugh the most.

Nieuw Dier
RTL 5,


| Comedy

Nieuw Dier is an absurdist, British-inspired television program in which Erik Whien, Sieger Sloot, Jeroen van Koningsbrugge and Dennis van de Ven play a lot of sketches at a fast pace.