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Music Video Sins


| Comedy

Music videos are great, except for when they suck. Sometimes, even great music videos suck... you just don't realize it until some asshole loser points out all the flaws he can find. At Music Video Sins, we're dedicated to pointing out all the sins we can find in music videos, some big and some small. Some are downright microscopic. Try and remember, a high sin count does not directly translate to a songs overall quality or enjoyability, and it doesn't reflect our opinion of it. It's just a list of sins, man. You either like it or you don't. If you do... awesome... we'll make more. If you don't... what the hell is wrong with you?

Gary: Tank Commander
BBC Two,


| Comedy

This Comedy Unit production, follows the exploits of this flamboyant perma-tanned serviceman, who looks on his time in Iraq as a holiday and whose antics are more camp than Dogwood



| Comedy

Two technology-obsessed girls decide to give it all up and lead internet-free lives.

Robson Arms


| Comedy

If you've ever lived in an apartment before you may not get to know your neighbors. At Robson Arms, you do. The Single Mom, The odd couple, the quirky family and the interesting super are some of the many characters whose lives you peer into. Each episode focuses on a certain tenant or more and shows how they interact with each other; be it a love affair or shoplifting. One roof, different worlds, do you know who your neighbors are?



| Comedy

From the Producers of The Cosby Show and Roseanne comes Grand, a new ensemble comedy about life in a ficticious town. The series focuses on a tough-minded maid who lives in a trailer park, an ambitious middle-class businessman and a wealthy factory owner.

E arrivata la felicita

È arrivata la felicità is a series about love and family in all its shapes and forms told from an hilarious and contemporary angle. Written by Ivan Cotroneo, Monica Rametta and Stefano Bises and co-directed by Riccardo Milani and Francesco Vicario this series features two very different characters: Angelica (played by Claudia Pandolfi) and Orlando (Claudio Santamaria). They both live in Rome but come from totally different backgrounds: Orlando is an architect, son of sophisticated, left-wing intellectuals, who do volunteer work; Angelica manages a bookshop in the Testaccio neighbourhood, where her parents - slightly close-minded - also manage a legendary neighbourhood bar. When the two meet Angelica, widowed for a few years with two adolescent twin daughters Laura and Bea, is about to marry a sort of Prince Charming, Vittorio. Orlando however, is a very confused full-time father since his wife ran off with her German lover, leaving him to juggle house, job and his two sons: fifteen year old Umberto and Pigi, a mini-philosopher still in primary school. What will their meeting spark off?

The Daily Show Nederlandse Editie

An official Dutch version of The Daily Show. The program is similar to the original, except with Dutch news and a Dutch view on international news. The show is hosted by comedian Jan-Jaap van der Wal. The first episode featured a guest appearance by Jon Stewart (recorded at the New York studio), who gave his official blessing for the show.

Komt Een Man Bij De Dokter
SBS 6,


| Comedy

A popular sketch program with jokes that bring a smile to the faces of young and old, shown in their own way in appealing sketches.

NET 5,


| Comedy

In Bitterzoet we see the thirty year olds Anna (Anniek Pheifer), Caro (Tina de Bruin) and Esmée (Jennifer Hoffman) who have known each other since their student days. The friends all have their own lives, but see each other regularly. Dating, wrinkles, sex, education: nothing remains unspoken.

Verliefd op Ibiza
SBS 6,


| Comedy, Drama

In Verliefd op Ibiza the series, we follow the lives and romantic escapades of various Dutch characters who live in Ibiza.