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Here Come the Double Deckers (1970)


| Comedy, Children

The adventures of seven children whose den was an old red double-decker London bus in an unused works (junk) yard.



| Comedy, Drama

The incredible story of a young woman who had a husband and three lovers.

Peter Loves Mary


| Comedy, Drama

Married entertainers leave New York City for life in a small town.

The Bugaloos (1970)


| Comedy, Children

The Bugaloos are a rock-n-roll band with bug wings who live in a magical forest. Benita Bizarre wants to put an end to their goody-goody behavior, and tries to capture and/or destroy them with the help of her henchthings Woofer and Tweeter.

Kottan ermittelt
ORF 1,


| Comedy, Crime
Rating: 5/5

Major Adolf Kottan investigates for the Austrian police in Vienna in murder cases.

Ensign O'Toole

Ensign O'Toole is a lower ranking officer on the destroyer Appleby. He keeps things lively instigating pranks while avoiding any work and trying to show up his nemesis, Lt. Rex St. John. The regular seaman are his willing accomplices.

The Bannen Way

The Bannen Way is an American crime drama web series starring Mark Gantt as Neal Bannen, a third generation criminal who wants to get out of the con man lifestyle he's been living.



| Comedy, Variety

Written & performed by a cast of stand-up comedians, character comics & sketch groups, "@elevenish" offers a completely original take on the week's events, all delivered by the funniest and most distinctive new voices in comedy.

MA 2412
ORF 1,


| Comedy
Rating: 5/5

MA 2412 is a fake service, inspired by the Magistral Department of Vienna (MA), and Christmas (12/24). The series is a parody of the work in an office in general, and mostly in an Austro-Viennese Office. It shows pretty much all the common clichés about offices.

Odd Job Jack


| Comedy, Animation

Resident 'slacker' Jack Ryder (voiced by Tony Award-winner Don McKellar) returns for more on-the-job laughs in Odd Job Jack, the award-winning animated comedy with an interactive edge. The series documents Jack's on-going misadventures in temporary employment as he tries out a new job in each episode. From egg farmer to process server, there is simply no job too odd for Jack in his unsuccessful quest for a full-time life. Guest voices on Odd Job Jack include Henry Rollins (The Henry Rollins Show), Carrie Fischer (Star Wars) and Henry Winkler (Happy Days).