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Bella Calamidades

"Bella Calamidades" (Beautiful But Unlucky) is a Spanish-language romantic thriller telenovela produced by RTI Producciones for Caracol TV and Telemundo. It includes 140 series. The filming started in late 2009 and ended in 2010, but it was until September 16, 2013 when the serial debuted on Telemundo.The story involves a beautiful, passionate woman named Lola, who is an outcast in a town dominated by superstition. Convinced that she brings misfortune to everyone, Lola shies away from other people. When her hiding place is discovered, she returns to her home town, when a series of freakish events inevitably lead to tragedy. Heartbroken and fearing for her life at the hands of the villagers, Lola loves hope one man's love and another's generosity change her life. No one trusts her except for the man who truly loves her.

Four Sheets


| Comedy

According to the Washington Post, "It could be argued that Zane Lamprey has the greatest job in America." We would raise that: best job in the world. Zane's fans clamored to "Bring Back Three Sheets!" And while we technically couldn't do that (lawyers!), The BrewDog Network is thrilled to be the home of the bigger and better than ever follow-up: Four Sheets with Zane Lamprey. Sit back, and drink up. It's on.

Best Bugs Forever

Best Bugs Forever is a sitcom about three friends who are making their way in an amazing new city that's more exciting and full of adventure than anywhere they've been before. They'll make great new friends, try out new things, and learn more about themselves with every adventure. Oh, and did we forget to mention... they're all bugs! The 'city' they're making their new home is a rundown human motel, but from their tiny point of view it's a sprawling, bustling metropolis that's just crawling with insect life, with a lively and colourful 50's American vibe.

Lidsville (1971)

The show involves a boy (Mark) who goes to see Merlo the Magician at Six Flags over Texas. He is so interested by what the hat can do, he decides to sneak back-stage to find out the secret. When it starts to grow, he climbs on the brim and falls in. After a nightmarish trip through the hat, he lands in Lidsville, the land of living hats. Every kind of hat is there. There is an opera hat, which is a top hat with huge side-burns. There is a cowboy hat that looks like the old twinkie mascot, and many more. There is also Hoo-Doo and the bad hats. To help Mark out is Weenie the Genie (Billie Hayes in a good guy role). But Hoo-Doo shook her up so much, her magic constantly goes wrong.

We Love...

Channel 5 factual celebration of sitcoms.

Make Room for Granddaddy


| Comedy

An aging entertainer and his wife take on care of their 6-year-old grandson.

Liverspots and Astronots

Liverspots and Astronots is an American animated comedy web television series created by Rob Bohn and Nate Milton. No one seems to know why Dusty Craters, a dilapidated nursing home, is floating through space carrying a colorful assortment of grumpy old folks under the care of an evil goat doctor. But then again nothing seems to make sense in a world where a talking two-dollar bill lives in a Cracker Jack box and a three-eyed ape just might be the center of the universe. Best friends Roosi and Big Man uncover these mysteries and more as they go on one epic adventure after another in this buddy comedy.



| Comedy, Drama

Barbelle follows the story of a newly famous Toronto based pop-star duo, Veronica Vale and Alice O'Hara, whose meteoric rise to stardom has led to a blitzkrieg on their personal lives.

Katja vs De Rest

Katja vs De Rest is a youth program of the broadcaster BNN, in which Katja Schuurman takes on a different person each week.



| Comedy

Starring Aubrey Whitby (The Thundermans), Maddy Whitby, Monica Sherer and Lauren Elizabeth, this comedy showcases some betches makin' some sketches with funny girls and famous people. Obviously.