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De Lama's
NPO 3,


| Comedy
Rating: 5/5

An Improvisation Comedy group performing impressive, and overall hilarious impressions, parodies and improvisation comedy, often using random artifacts to act out situations.

NPO 3,


| Comedy, Family
Rating: 3/5

The official successor series to the popular dutch improvisational comedy show 'De Lama's'.

All Together Now


| Comedy
Rating: 4/5

Back in 1972, Bobby Rivers and his rock band Still Waters were at the top of the pop charts with "Easy Street", a catchy if not prophetic tune that defined an era of carefree living. Fast forward to 1990, caught in a time-warp - Bobby is wistfully reminiscent of a time when long hair, love beads, incense, peace and harmony were part of the zeitgeist. Discovering he is the father of 15 year-old twins Anna and Thomas, it's hard to know who will have the hardest time adjusting to the new family and Bobby will need all the help he can get from long time friends Tracy Lawson, Wayne Lovett and Doug Stevens.

Kees & Co
RTL 4,


| Comedy

Kees & Co is a successful Dutch comedy. It is about the housewife Kees, played by Simone Kleinsma, her family and her best friend Sonja.

Katja vs De Rest

Katja vs De Rest is a youth program of the broadcaster BNN, in which Katja Schuurman takes on a different person each week.

De Badgasten
NPO 3,


| Comedy
Rating: 2/5

An Improvisation Comedy group performing hilarious impressions, parodies and improvisation comedy.

De Mannen van Dokter Anne

Anne caught her fiance a week for their marriage with another woman! Her life is suddenly on his head and she goes again live with her parents. Her father works in the hospital and offers her a job. She meets a few nice men.

Odd Job Jack


| Comedy, Animation

Resident 'slacker' Jack Ryder (voiced by Tony Award-winner Don McKellar) returns for more on-the-job laughs in Odd Job Jack, the award-winning animated comedy with an interactive edge. The series documents Jack's on-going misadventures in temporary employment as he tries out a new job in each episode. From egg farmer to process server, there is simply no job too odd for Jack in his unsuccessful quest for a full-time life. Guest voices on Odd Job Jack include Henry Rollins (The Henry Rollins Show), Carrie Fischer (Star Wars) and Henry Winkler (Happy Days).

Uti Bogda


| Comedy

Swedish Hillbillies living a, by there standards, normal life on the country side of Sweden. Funniest thing you ever saw!

Good Morning, World


| Comedy

Good Morning World - the flirty '60s TV sitcom that takes mixing business with pleasure to new extremes! The action unfolds every day at a small Los Angeles radio station where Larry (Ronnie Schell), and Dave (Joby Baker) work as morning show DJs. While Larry is a swinging ladies' man with his eye on every woman on the block, including Dave's bombshell neighbor (Goldie Hawn) Dave is the bumbling married guy who is just trying to stay out of trouble with his wife (Julie Parrish).