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Bum Reviews


| Comedy

"Oh my God! This is the greatest movie I've ever seen in my life!" - Chester A. Bum.

The Torkelsons


| Comedy

This show was a comedy about a sensitive 14-year-old girl who's mortified by her crazy-quilt unorthodox family. Dorothy Jane just wanted to be thought of as normal, like any teenager, but had a hard time doing so. Her father had walked out on the family and they were always short on money. Her perky, optimistic mom, Millicent, saw sunshine everywhere. The rest of the family consisted of brothers - athletic Steven Floyd and studious Chuckie Lee, and sisters - spunky Ruth Ann and cute Mary Sue. They lived in a big rambling house in Pyramid Corners, Oklahoma. The name for the show came from a real Steven Floyd Torkelson who shared his bug collection and a first kiss with a little girl named Lynn Montgomery. She grew up to create the show some 30 years later.

Some People with Jokes
BBC Four,


| Comedy

People from all walks of life from around the UK tell their favourite gags.

Music Video Sins


| Comedy

Music videos are great, except for when they suck. Sometimes, even great music videos suck... you just don't realize it until some asshole loser points out all the flaws he can find. At Music Video Sins, we're dedicated to pointing out all the sins we can find in music videos, some big and some small. Some are downright microscopic. Try and remember, a high sin count does not directly translate to a songs overall quality or enjoyability, and it doesn't reflect our opinion of it. It's just a list of sins, man. You either like it or you don't. If you do... awesome... we'll make more. If you don't... what the hell is wrong with you?

Ned's Newt


| Comedy, Animation
Rating: 4/5

What happens when Ned overfeeds his 4 inch-long, lethargic pet newt with Zippo Newt Food? That little, harmless newt turns into a five hundred-pound monster called Newton: the most mischievous, gluttonous, fun playmate ever! An incredible mimic, Newton can camouflage himself to avoid detection from grown-ups and other kids, and is always there to lend a sympathetic ear or clown around with his best pal Ned. This can be a real problem when Mom wants to know who destroyed the shag rug with the lawnmower - but works great when Ned needs help standing his ground with the school bully. Ned and Newton are inseparable.

Filhos da Pаtria

Brazil, 1822. The country has just been emancipated and now has to deal with the new challenges. It's in this context that is Geraldo, a public official of the Imperial Palace, which is forced to choose more corrupt means in their work to maintain your position. As if that were not enough, he still has to deal with the dramas within his own family.

NPO 1,


| Comedy, Drama

The show is about a choir of different people who come together once a week to sing and forget about their troubles in their daily life.

Provaci Ancora Prof!

The show follows the story of Camilla Baudino, a high school teacher that often finds herself involved in some crimes. Camilla, an amateur detective, collaborates with policemen to resolve these cases and in the meantime she takes care of her husband and daughter.

Walking on Sunshine
ORF 1,


| Comedy, Drama
Rating: 4/5

Austrian drama about the ups and downs of life - in human as well as meteorological terms, because the series revolves around the sunny and dark sides of everyday life in the weather department of the largest broadcaster in the country. Robert Palfrader embodies Otto Cerny-Hohenburg, a well-deserved former news anchor, who is due to return to broadcasting after a long period of sick leave due to being too close to hard liquor. Unfortunately, there is no place for him there - except for the weather, which Otto has of course no idea about.

3 Non Blondes
BBC Three,


| Comedy
Rating: 4/5

Just when you thought that video of the guy falling over during his wedding vows was the funniest thing you'd seen in: oh, I don't know, 5 minutes, along comes 3 fearless, ballsy and downright funny non-blondes to brighten up the box. Gary Reich, the man who started the hidden-camera careers of Sacha Baron Cohen and Dom Joly, has found three women to take to the streets and carry the genre just that little bit further. Tameka Empson, Jocelyn Jee Esien and Ninia Benjamin take their characters and talents of comedy improv to the crowds and cities of Britain to see how we behave. The cast list includes tarts who tout for Jesus, buskers doing bad African performance poetry and a virgin who gets sex advice from a variety of sources¦ including a bakery. Nothing is sacred and no-one is safe. Watch this for the thrill of witnessing where society meets character sketch meets that story you just won't believe happened to me the other day. Most definitely one of the funniest shows to