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Online, 2013 | Comedy

This comedy series follows the life of a couple and their crazy nephew.

Niets te MeldenNiets te Melden
Streamz, 2020 | Comedy

A police car, the central dispatch and the hiding place of a gang of criminals: these three locations form the backdrop for the new comedy series 'Niets Te Melden'. Hidden in containers with coffee beans, an important Antwerp drug cartel locks tons of drugs into the country. But patrol 74's criminal investigation department is on their trail and keeps a close eye on them...


Loosely based on her own experiences, Shepherd's character will endure an unfaithful husband and his illegitimate child when she is forced to let the mother and child move in with her.

CBS, 1996 | Comedy

Behind the scenes at a New York newspaper, a columnist clashes with his ex-wife, who has become the new editor.

The Trouble with NormalThe Trouble with Normal
ABC, 2000 | Comedy

The misadventures of four paranoid young men whose fear of urban conspiracy leads them to seek counseling in a therapy group run by therapist Claire Garletti.

That's My MamaThat's My Mama
ABC, 1974 | Comedy

A bachelor barber battles his mother's plans to find him a wife.

Immaturi - la serieImmaturi - la serie
Canale 5, 2018 | Comedy

Twenty years on, former schoolmates Lorenzo, Piero, Luisa, Francesca, Serena and Virgilio hit the books again when the Ministry of Education announces it has invalidated their high school diplomas and they'll need to do their final exams over. A sparkling sentimental comedy that pits one generation against another, and forces them to consider how life has turned out for each of them, two decades of dreams and disappointments later.

You've Been Framed!You've Been Framed!
ITV, 2010 | Comedy, Reality

Viewers around the UK send in their home videos of friends, family and pets doing amusing or embarrassing things. Comedian Harry Hill narrates.

Full patteFull patte

The sisters Bianca and Tiffany have many problems. Money, the rent, the system's opening hours, Sweden, God, to become adults, old people, children, jobs, unemployment, and then some. To put it a little easier: the only thing they do not have a problem with is each other. Follow the sisters Kronlöfs try to find your way in Sweden, the labyrinth in which they live.

O Grande GonzalezO Grande Gonzalez

During a children's party, the magical Gonzalez dies after an unsuccessful trick. Drowning, poisoning, accident, murder: all research lines will be followed by the police and everyone is a suspect