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What if I told you a scientist named Keni Nakamura had discovered invisible creatures living all around us? What if I told you he'd discovered a gate to travel the mysteries of the Invizimals' world? Join Hiro, Lima, and Sam as they discover the mysteries of the Invizimals world.

Heil Honey I'm Home!Heil Honey I'm Home!
Sky 1, 1990 | Comedy

In Berlin, 1938, Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun have a love-hate relationship with their Jewish neighbours in this bizarre spoof of 'fifties American sitcoms. This controversial British sitcom that was canceled after one episode. The programme was written by Geoff Atkinson and commissioned by satellite television channel Galaxy, part of British Satellite Broadcasting (which later became part of BSkyB).

Good DogGood Dog

Award-winning writer and producer Ken Finkleman (The Newsroom) returns to television in Good Dog, his highly anticipated new comedy. Starring Finkleman and Lauren Lee Smith (CSI; The L Word), the sharply ironic series focuses on the life of George, a self-absorbed, neurotic TV producer. After hooking up with Claire, a gorgeous model half his age, George negotiates his new reality dating a younger woman by pitching a reality show about his high concept, highly coveted, seriously volatile life. But when network executives insist that Claire move into his house, George is forced to escalate the relationship and consequently, his fears of commitment. When the pitch and his life go sideways, he frets, vents and reevaluates by soliciting questionable advice from his best friend Doug.

Zone of ChampionsZone of Champions
ITV, 2019 | Comedy

Comedy clip show, in which a pair of sports commentators (played by John Thomson and Jessica Knappett) narrate home movie footage as if they were sporting events.

screenPLAY (2017)screenPLAY (2017)

Join Steph and Nich as they cover the latest games, gaming news, controversies and conventions! From first looks at upcoming games, developer interviews, chaotic multiplayer sessions, pop culture events to a comprehensive look at the week in eSports.

Choco BankChoco Bank

This show is about a guy named Kim Eun Haeng, who is a college graduate entering the workforce. His father made sure he had a lucky start in life by giving him a name that meant money. Eun Haeng (meaning Bank in Korean) will deal with the concerns many in their 20s struggle with when they start working for the very first time.And a girl named Ha Cho Co who is getting ready to start a business. The story plays out as the two meet and finds out more about the financial service industry.

Special SkillsSpecial Skills
Other, 2020 | Comedy, Reality

He's famous for his amazing impressions on "SNL," and now Jay Pharoah is expanding his repertoire and his IMDb page. Watch Jay learn special skills from celebrities each episode in his quest to become the most versatile actor in the world.

Peter Loves MaryPeter Loves Mary
NBC, 1960 | Comedy, Drama

Married entertainers leave New York City for life in a small town.

Ensign O'TooleEnsign O'Toole

Ensign O'Toole is a lower ranking officer on the destroyer Appleby. He keeps things lively instigating pranks while avoiding any work and trying to show up his nemesis, Lt. Rex St. John. The regular seaman are his willing accomplices.

Diplomatic ImmunityDiplomatic Immunity
TV2 (NZ), 2009 | Comedy

Craig Parker stars as Leighton Mills, the Kiwi diplomat who finds himself landed with a new posting - babysitter to the Fe'ausian consulate staff, along with Dave Fane as Jonah, the Fe'ausian Ambassador to New Zealand who's charming and effusive but who is totally expedient.