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Robbie Hood

Joined by his band of merry mates Georgia Blue and Little Johnny, Robbie Hood is a charismatic thirteen-year-old misfit with a heart of gold, who skirts the law to right wrongs he sees playing out in his community. Short of money, and struggling to survive, Robbie and his mates have only themselves to rely on. Guided by the memory of his mother and a strong sense of what's right and wrong, everything Robbie does is for a reason and, whether good or bad, he does it with the best of intentions. Even if it means helping out his dickhead father.

De Braboneger Verkaast
NPO 3,


| Comedy

Steven Brunswijk, alias De Braboneger and known from YouTube, dives in typical white customs and habits. With his two matties he does those things that a Surinamese would never do.

Come Back, Mister

A man is worked to death, but he comes back to the living world in the attractive body of another man for a limited amount of time.

Karl & Co


| Comedy

Much has happened since Mot i Brøstet: Henry and Elna have moved to Spain, Nils and Trine have moved into the old apartment to Elna, Målfrid moved to Africa and Charles move into a luxury apartment in the fictional Barlind Allé in Frogner, Oslo. Later Elna and Henry starts a restaurant that specializes in Norwegian food, Casa Noruega Elna. Nils and Trine have 4 kids, Huey, Dewey and Louie, triplets and "Little" and Elna Målfrid gets new fiance, Malcolm. This will come back to the movie millennial celebrations. Karl gets his new housing affordable fast daily visits by several of the neighbors, both from time to time. The chairman of the residents' association Ulf Rasch Ludvigsen (Knut Lystad) is fast in place after Charles moved into the building.

Engineering Girls


| Comedy, Drama

Experience the extraordinary lives of 3 ordinary Engineering Girls; Maggu, Sabu and Kiara.

Alice, I Think


| Comedy, Family

The show is about the misadventures of a maladjusted teenager who is starting high school after years of home schooling. Poor Alice is terribly out of touch with what is "in" and is in desperate need of some fashion sense and a social life.

Generatie B


| Comedy

When Belgium's credit rating is lowered from AA+ to B, a crisis affecting mostly young people erupts. While the gap between baby boomers and youngsters grows, Jonas tries to win back his ex-girlfriend.

The Tim Conway Show (1980)


| Comedy

Tim Conway hosted a variety show so closely modeled on the successful Carol Burnett Show, even using some of the same sketches. Interpersed were dance routines where all the performers were youngsters and musical numbers.



| Comedy
Rating: 4/5

Matt Peyser (Fred Savage) is a young, idealistic college graduate who is about to embark on his first job. He goes to work for Upton-Webber and believes that his hard work and ideas will make a difference. He has to contend with his boss Tim (Maurice Godin) , who doesn't seem to have any real business sense at all; Hal (Sarah Knowlton), a Yale grad who is underutilized within the company; Abby (Arden Myrin), who just wants to please everyone; and Evelyn (Yvette Freeman), the operarions manager who doesn't have time for idle chit-chat. He has to learn to get through his daily job routine and make some sense of it all.



| Comedy, Family

Four fathers are dealing with the difficulty of parenthood.