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The Street (2017)The Street (2017)
THT, 2017 | Comedy

Broken manger moves with his family from center of Moscow to his parents apartments in the old neighborhood.

The Snoop SistersThe Snoop Sisters
NBC, 1972 | Comedy, Drama, Crime

The Snoop Sisters were Ernesta and Gwendolyn Snoop, mystery writers who ended up putting their imaginations to work solving mysteries of their own. They often were called in by their nephew, police lieutenant Steve Ostrowski, and made their way to the crime scenes with the aid of their chauffeur and ex-con Barney. After the initial pilot movie, the series was launched as part of the Wednesday Mystery Movie, NBC's attempt to create a second "wheel" night after the success of Columbo, McCloud, and McMillan and Wife on Sundays. Of the four Wednesday shows, Snoop Sisters wasn't the least popular, but it never caught on to the degree that even Banacek did. After four 90-minue episodes (and a move to Tuesday), the series was cancelled.

Crazy 88Crazy 88
NPO 3, 2008 | Comedy, Reality

Crazy 88 is twisted, sexy and funny. It is inspired on the idea of a Scavenger Hunt. This is a game where people compete to complete the list with assignments as the first team. A show with Crazy 88-ingredients: a big portion of sex, rock 'n roll, hot chicks and an unfair Peer Mascini.

RTL 4, 2013 | Comedy, Family

Aaf is the head of the ultimate middle class family. The family consisting of mother Aaf, father Ton and pubescent children Marie and Jozefien, and little Bennie. The familiarity of the everyday concerns, the marriage with the corresponding family, eternal battle over the household and the family love that holds everything together, are central in this brand new RTL 4 - series.

Easy fortune, Happy lifeEasy fortune, Happy life

A wealthy man gets hurt on a hunting trip and is restored to health by a rural herbalist. He falls in love with the herbalist and promises to come back for her, but years pass and he never returns. But when the old man is rushed to a hospital with a heart attack, it is the herbalist's granddaughter, Xie Fu An, who also is an herbal doctor, who treats the man and saves him. When he realizes how much Fu An looks like the woman he fell in love with years ago, he announces that he will give away his entire fortune to the man who marries Fu An. The man's grandson, Yan Da Feng, an arrogant young man who assumed he would inherit the wealth, is alarmed when he hears the news and hires someone to go kill this young woman who is about to steal his fortune. However, after meeting Fu An, he begins to fall for her and decides to marry her himself. But can Da Feng stop the wheels he set in motion to harm Fu An and hope to have a happy ending with her?

OCS, 2016 | Comedy, Drama
Rating: 5/5

Suddenly a father at 31, eternal teenager Julien must learn to grow up and take responsibility in this French comedy series.

Brorsor 4everBrorsor 4ever
TV4, 2019 | Comedy

The guys behind Leif and Billy is back with a new series. In Brorsor forever we follow Kenny and Josef, two martial arts-loving room companions who try to break through on Youtube. But everything is not as planned as friends test their viral wings.

Staying In With Greg & RussellStaying In With Greg & Russell

A a talk show featuring Greg James and Russell Kane interviewing celebrity guests in an irreverent manner.

State of GraceState of Grace
ABC, 2001 | Comedy, Drama
Rating: 5/5

Set in 1965 this comedy/drama follows the adventures of a 12 year old Jewish girl named Hannah who is best friends with Grace, a 12 year old Catholic girl. They both attend the local Catholic school. This show follows their adventures of growing up in the 1960's.

Rachel Gunn, R.N.Rachel Gunn, R.N.
FOX, 1992 | Comedy

This was a show about the fourth floor of a hospital called Little Innocence. The main characters were the nurses with a doctor,orderly,nutritionist and a nun thrown in. It was a good show that never really got a chance...