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Hart tegen hard
NET 5,


| Drama, Soaps

Romantic crime show following the lives of a detective and his wife who is a journalist.

Kaisermuhlen Blues
ORF 1,


| Comedy, Soaps
Rating: 5/5

The television series "Kaisermühlen Blues" is an entertaining study of the atmosphere surrounding life in a subsidized housing development in the Austrian capital Vienna. Partly biting, partly thought provoking, the episodes by author Ernst Hinterberger recreate the mood of a typical Viennese neighborhood.

Malibu Shores


| Drama, Soaps

Malibu Shores was a short lived NBC series starring Keri Russell and Tony Lucca, both stars of the popular Disney show, The All New Mickey Mouse Club. Even with a run of only ten episodes, the show dealt with many serious teen issues, and was loved by many fans. The show also served as a starting point for many current popular actors and actresses, like Keri Russell (Felicity), Charisma Carpenter (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel), Randy Spelling (Sunset Beach).

Chateau Meiland
SBS 6,


| Soaps

Ten years after their first French adventure, the Meilandjes are ready for a new challenge. The entrepreneurial family Meiland emigrates to France for the second time. There they bought a derelict castle from 1870 which they will transform into a bed and breakfast with no fewer than five guest rooms. Before the time comes they have to say goodbye, move and even get married for the third time. But when they arrive in rainy France, things go wrong immediately and they see what it really takes to open in three months and receive guests.

Hollyoaks Later


| Soaps

Hollyoaks Later is a spin-off of the series Hollyoaks. The series began in 2008 and since then has become an annual event for the soap. The series returns every September and takes place over five consecutive nights on E4.

NPO 3,


| Soaps, Children

A teen soap series.

De Club van Sinterklaas
RTL 4,


| Soaps, Children

A Dutch holiday series for children following the adventures of Saint Nick.

Bauer sucht Frau

Single lovelorn farmers looking to find a mate. Potential partners must live on the farms of their suitors for five days taking on the challenges of modern farm life and finding out if love can blossom in the barnyards and pigsties of rural Germany.

Jogo Duplo


| Drama, Soaps

Set in Portugal. A story of Dysfunctional families, impossible loves, and cultural differences. In this story, where nothing is black or white, the narrative reflects on the human condition in all its opposites; where the characters live in a fine line between moral and immoral, between the sensible and the untimely, between love and hate.

Preso No. 1

Carmelo Alvarado is 45 years old. He was born in a rural family in northern Mexico. Amancio Alvarado, Carmelo's father, came from a humble family in the state of Chiapas. When Amancio's mother died, he went looking for her, not knowing that he would be caught in the middle of the Zapatista Conflict, in which he would die. Carmelo saw his father's picture in a newspaper and decided to go look for his body. He was then 20 years old and never found his father. This is how Carmelo's journey started, the rural young man who came to work on television and who thanks to his character and intelligence, became a leader, and later, the independent candidate for the presidency. And although he neither looked for it nor wanted it, he got it. Carmelo assumed the presidency with two groups pressuring him: the Grupo Impala (wealthy men, real owners of the country), and the narcos. As president, Carmelo was toughening his speech with the simple goal of being useful in "a splendid country that could provide to all, what it denies to almost everyone."

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