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Love of Life


| Soaps

This was one of the first two soaps. It aired from 1951 to 1980, when after a hiatus for retooling made the show unwatchable. It had a great run on CBS, but over time ratings slipped, and was eventually cancelled. The show was based at first on two sisters, Veronica and Meg. Eventually, other characters were introduced.


They called our time gladiators and players in Norway's most winning hockey club sacrifice everything on the ice. Espen "Shampoo" Knutsen and the other colorful characters in Vålerenga Hockey club has allowed television cameras follow them through a long and hard hockey season.

El secreto de Puente Viejo
Antena 3,


| Drama, Soaps

A daily series that take full advantage of the premises of romantic classic literature: impossible love, revenge, betrayal... and unspeakable secrets.

Wanna Taste?

Kang Hae-jin is a woman who puts her faith in something once she starts believing in it. She has a husband 6 years younger than her and puts him through law school. She also runs her father-in-law's failing restaurant and brings it to success.

Malibu Shores


| Drama, Soaps

Malibu Shores was a short lived NBC series starring Keri Russell and Tony Lucca, both stars of the popular Disney show, The All New Mickey Mouse Club. Even with a run of only ten episodes, the show dealt with many serious teen issues, and was loved by many fans. The show also served as a starting point for many current popular actors and actresses, like Keri Russell (Felicity), Charisma Carpenter (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel), Randy Spelling (Sunset Beach).

Yo no creo en los hombres


| Drama, Soaps

This is a Mexican telenovela produced by Giselle Gonz

Sacrificio d'amore

Sacrifice of love is a fiction in costume set in one of the most beautiful places in Italy. In the spectacular landscape, unique in the world, of the marble quarries of Carrara, Sacrifice of love opens the scenery on an extraordinary historical period, full of social and cultural ferments that, from 1913, the last year of the Belle Epoque, through the hell of World War I will be the background to the events of our protagonists who will live their passions with a disruptive power, like the epic of that period.

Onderweg naar Morgen
NPO 3,


| Soaps

Long running Dutch daily soap series.


Nate Haden and Zack Silva star as two brothers on the run from the mob, fleeing from their New Jersey home to the perceived safety of Los Angeles. Their trek is made all the more tumultuous by one very unfortunate circumstance: both brothers are passionately in love with the same woman.

Victoria (2007)

In her 25th wedding anniversary party, Victoria Mendoza (Victoria Ruffo) finds out her husband Enrique Mendoza (Arturo Peniche) has a mistress, Tatiana López (Andrea Lopez). Suddenly Victoria's whole life crashes around her as she realizes her marriage is wrecked. As she tries to heal the pain of her husband's adultery, she meets the 33-year-old Jerónimo (Mauricio Ochmann) out of the blue.[1] Victoria falls for this younger man, giving her a second chance at the true love and passion missing in her loveless marriage. Many of her loved ones oppose her relationship, including her daughters Paula (Geraldine Bazán) and Mariana (Laura Perico), her mother Mercedes (Margalida Castro) and her ex-husband. They blame her for the breakup. On the other hand, her son Santiago (Ricardo Abarca) offers unconditional support.[1] Victoria has many problems but does she know she has those problems? Can she solve them? So Victoria faces a difficult decision: either fight to keep true love alive or surrender and let it slip away.