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The EmpireThe Empire

In the midst of scheming courtiers, ministers and a dead king, 14-year old Babur steps up to his destiny and leaves an indelible mark on history.

World War II: ConfidentialWorld War II: Confidential

In World War II: Confidential, the backroom dealings of Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin during WWII are explored.

Immortal Lee Soon ShinImmortal Lee Soon Shin

Based on Kim Hoon's Song of The Sword and Kim Tak Hwan's Immortality, KBS's outstanding 2005 historical drama The Immortal Lee Soon Shin is one of the most ambitious works the genre has seen in years. Spanning 104 episodes, the drama tells the story of one the world's greatest naval heroes, Admiral Lee Soon Shin, and all the people who helped him become a beloved figure in Korean history. The show was produced by Lee Seong Ju, who won Best Producer at the 2005 Baeksang Awards, and went on to record ratings of over 30%. The Immortal Lee Soon Shin received the Best of Best Drama Award and the Best Talent Award (Kim Myung Min) at the 33rd Korean Broadcasting Awards.

Hitler's American BattlefieldHitler's American Battlefield

Within weeks of Pearl Harbor, Nazi U-boats attacked American ships within sight of the North Carolina coast leaving a trail of death and destruction; now, a team of experts turn this forgotten graveyard into a protected sanctuary in honor of the fallen.

WWII by DroneWWII by Drone

Witness the Second World War like never before. From the clear waters of the Mediterranean to the darkest forests of Poland, few places in Europe were spared the brutality of the Second World War. And on WWII by Drone, these sleeping battlefields come to life as never before.

Wellington: The Iron DukeWellington: The Iron Duke

In this revealing three-part series, military historian Richard Holmes tells the story, both on and off the battlefield, of Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington.

The BBC at WarThe BBC at War

An enthralling series exploring how the BBC fought not only Hitler but also the British government to become the institution it is today.

Vietnam: A Television HistoryVietnam: A Television History

A six-year project from conception to completion, Vietnam: A Television History carefully analyzes the costs and consequences of a controversial but intriguing war. From the first hour through the last, the series provides a detailed visual and oral account of the war that changed a generation and continues to color American thinking on many military and foreign policy issues.

The MahabharataThe Mahabharata

A miniseries based on the Hindu holy text, The Mahabharata. Directed by Peter Brook.

World War One at HomeWorld War One at Home

Stories from around the UK that link the places we live in today with the events of WWI.