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Der ÜberläuferDer Überläufer

1944. Walter Proska is a young Wehrmacht soldier who begins to question the purpose of the war, who the real enemy is and whether his real duty should be to his fatherland or his own conscience.

Rise and Fall of the SpartansRise and Fall of the Spartans

Rise and Fall of the Spartans features episodes exploring every aspect of Sparta's culture, lifestyle, history and legacy. Author Steven Pressfield, (Gates of Fire) reflects on the significance of the Battle of Thermopylae, where a force led by 300 Spartan warriors stalled the advance of a hundred-thousand-plus strong Persian army for nearly a week. Scholars like Barry S. Strauss of Cornell University and Yale's Donald Kagan explore the factors that drove the Peloponnesian city-state to strive for martial excellence. And ancient accounts explain how Sparta's warriors were trained and detail their prowess in battle.

The Real Hunt for Red OctoberThe Real Hunt for Red October

The astonishing secret events behind the Russian submarine, Red October, that went missing on March 8, 1968, taking the Soviet Union and U.S. to the brink of war.

Kralj Petar IKralj Petar I
PTC, 2019 | Drama, Military/War, History, Mini-Series
Rating: 5/5

King Petar The First, as a young man is banished from Serbia Many years later, he returns to his country to liberate its people and secure parliamentary democracy and starts the reconstruction of Serbia.

Killer Tanks: Fighting the Iron FistKiller Tanks: Fighting the Iron Fist

The story of the most prominent Allied tanks during the Second World War, the history of their creation, their advantages and disadvantages. Much attention is being paid to the dignity of the Russian T-34 tanks and HF, the authors show no doubt recognize almost overwhelming superiority of Russian tanks on the battlefield, despite the rough assembly, and uncouth appearance, these tanks is dire German soldiers.

Argentina, tierra de amor y venganzaArgentina, tierra de amor y venganza
El Trece, 2019 | Drama, Family, Soaps, Military/War
Rating: 2.3/5

Two Spanish friends, Bruno and Torcuato, they run away from the Spanish Civil War and find refugee in Argentina. But, luck its no what they found and they end up in mutual betrayal.

The Century of WarfareThe Century of Warfare

Ride into Aqaba with Lawrence of Arabia. Stand with Patton as his tanks lead the Allied breakout from the coast of Normandy. Patrol the nighttime jungles of Vietnam... A CENTURY OF WARFARE explores the pivotal battles, profiles the commanders and chronicles the myriad ways in which war has shaped the modern world. The 26 hour-long episodes in this monumental set feature an encyclopedic collection of archival film dating back to 1896, creating an unforgettable visual record of every major military engagement from the precursors of World War I to the liberation of Kuwait.

War at Sea: Scotland's StoryWar at Sea: Scotland's Story

Two-part documentary in which David Hayman uncovers the story of Scotland's pivotal role in the battle for control of the North Sea during the First World War.

World War OneWorld War One

A filmed historical survey of the First World War.

Misja AfganistanMisja Afganistan

Story about soldiers of the II platoon of the first company of the mechanized infantry from Wedrzyn, under the command of a junior officer - lieutenant Pawel Konaszewicz.