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Art of ChinaArt of China

This series, presented by Andrew Graham-Dixon, takes a visit to China to uncover the history of its art.

Por el mundo a los 80Por el mundo a los 80

A group of six dreamers whose ages are around 80 years have decided to join the journey of their lives to know the world and leave their mark on it. These not-so-young adventurers, led by Arturo Valls, have barely left their homes and are now going around the world along with a group of strangers. They will leave their lives behind to start a new one by immersing themselves in very different cultures and living with their people. In addition, in each country one of the dreams that our travelers left along the way will be fulfilled. Because there is something that unites them, their desire to enjoy life. A unique experience in a unique moment of their lives.

Travels in Euroland With Ed BallsTravels in Euroland With Ed Balls
BBC Two, 2020 | Travel, Documentary, Mini-Series
Rating: 5/5

Ed Balls heads to Europe to discover how the divisions exposed by Brexit are reflected across the EU. He meets voters to find out what the future of Europe holds for its citizens.


Harvest is The History Channel's reality series which follows three harvesting crews on a mission to chase crops and cash in. These custom-harvesting crews are on a six-month mission with millions of cash at stake, and plenty of obstacles, from droughts to tornadoes and more.

Ben & James Versus the Arabian DesertBen & James Versus the Arabian Desert

James Cracknel and Ben Fogle trek deep into the Empty Quarter of the Arabian Desert in the footsteps of explorer Wilfred Thesiger


Documentary travel series about Japan, hosted by Paulien Cornelisse. Each episode covers a different subject: Japanese nature, gender roles, conformity, transcience of life, solitude, societal harmony, senescence, and societal pretense.

What's The Catch With Matthew EvansWhat's The Catch With Matthew Evans

A documentary series exploring the shocking truth about Australia's seafood. The show's host will launch a campaign ensuring seafood is labelled so that Australians will make a better choice when it comes to buying and consuming seafood.

Shaun Micallef's Stairway to HeavenShaun Micallef's Stairway to Heaven

Envious of those with 'unshakeable faith', comedian and writer Shaun Micallef journeys across the globe immersing himself into some of the world's most unique beliefs. This is his adventure out of suburban Australia on a quest to find the meaning of life itself.

Micky Flanagan's Detour de FranceMicky Flanagan's Detour de France

Bon voyage Micky! For his first-ever documentary series, the comedian is heading across the Channel to take in the sights and sounds of France, hopping on a bike to put his spin on the Tour de France - think Champagne vineyards, Belgian beer and nudist camps. Along for the ride is Flanagan's best pal of some 15 years, Noel Lynch - a brickie and cycling enthusiast.

American CanvasAmerican Canvas
Ovation, 2015 | Travel

Travel across the country with host Dave Holmes as American Canvas seeks out the nation's hottest art and cultural events. From downtown galleries to creative hangouts, American Canvas visits a new town each week. Music, dance, food, architecture, theater, and more, American Canvas gives viewers a closer look at the wide variety of traditional and non-traditional arts found across our great nation.