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Small Town ChristmasSmall Town Christmas
UP, 2021 Running | Adventure, Travel, Reality

Hosted by Inside Edition's national correspondent and best-selling author Megan Alexander, each episode takes viewers to experience Christmas in a different small town around the country. Through food, drink, music, entertainment and faith, we will highlight local businesses and towns that are making Christmas special in their own unique way.

Nine, 2018 Cancelled/Ended | Travel, Documentary

Join Stevie Jacobs, Sonia Kruger, Vince Sorrenti, and Bec Hewitt as they explore the wonders of Port Vila, Lake Louise, Paris, Florence, and Hamilton Island. From experiencing new cultures and scenic wonders to discovering the finest food, Helloworld takes you on a journey around the world. Don't miss a single adventure!

Frans Bauer in ChinaFrans Bauer in China
NPO 1, 2019 Cancelled/Ended | Travel, Reality, Documentary

Join Dutch celebrities Frans and Mariska Bauer as they embark on an epic journey through China, exploring its rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, and mouth-watering cuisine. From bustling cities to ancient temples, from the Great Wall to the Yangtze River, this travelogue will take you on an unforgettable adventure. Discover the real China with Frans Bauer in China.

El conquistador del fin del mundoEl conquistador del fin del mundo
EITB, 2005 Running | Adventure, Travel, Reality

The Conqueror of the End of the World is an adventure reality television show. Its contestants are initially divided into teams that face different tests, in addition to the harshness of the land and the weather, having to endure cold, hunger and thirst. Both physical condition and the ability to live with strangers are essential to survive this adventure.

Generation AstronautGeneration Astronaut

This is a groundbreaking documentary special that sees ordinary men and women from across the globe competing against each other for the chance to live the dreams of a generation. Following more than 100 winners from over 60 countries as they strive to win one of 23 tickets to space aboard the Lynx shuttle in 2015, GENERATION ASTRONAUT showcases a week of intense competition at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, under the tutelage of a judging panel including legendary astronaut, Buzz Aldrin. This one-hour programme follows the hopes and dreams of the recruits as they bid to earn the journey of a lifetime - and make history.

Russia On Four WheelsRussia On Four Wheels
BBC Three, 2014 Cancelled/Ended | Travel, Lifestyle, Documentary

Join Justin Rowlatt and Anita Rani on two massive road-trips across Russia, exploring one of the world's biggest and most enigmatic countries. Experience the beauty, culture, and history of Russia on four wheels, as the hosts take you on an unforgettable journey.

Painting the TownPainting the Town

Artist Eric Dowdle creates folk-art paintings of specific destinations after visiting them. Each episode features his tour of a specific city or town, during which he learns about its people, history and unique cuisine. He also uncovers quirky facts and unusual aspects of its past. He then creates a painting about his experiences and the folks he met along the way.

Eating the EnemyEating the Enemy
Animal Planet, 2012 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Travel, Cooking/Food, Wildlife

Invasive species that pose a threat to local economies are turned into meals at area restaurants in communities across the U.S. by artist and restaurateur Jeff "Stretch" Rumaner.

History, 2011 Cancelled/Ended | Adventure, Travel, Cooking/Food, Reality

Harvest is The History Channel's reality series which follows three harvesting crews on a mission to chase crops and cash in. These custom-harvesting crews are on a six-month mission with millions of cash at stake, and plenty of obstacles, from droughts to tornadoes and more.

Geer en Goor: Waarheen, Waarvoor?Geer en Goor: Waarheen, Waarvoor?
RTL 4, 2014 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Family, Travel, Reality

Geer en Goor: Waarheen, Waarvoor? is a Dutch TV show about two hosts, Gerard and Gordon, taking older people on a holiday trip. The show follows the group as they explore different locations and participate in various activities. It aims to promote social interaction and combat loneliness among the elderly.