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Mälzer and Henssler deliver!Mälzer and Henssler deliver!
VOX, 2021 | Cooking/Food, Game Show
Rating: 4/5

With "Mälzer und Henssler liefern ab!" the two top chefs from Hamburg, Tim Mälzer and Steffen Henssler, get their first joint show in prime time - escalation is naturally pre-programmed! The two culinary giants compete in a direct duel with their joint pop-up delivery service. Whoever of the two best meets the tastes of the customers and can pamper their palates the best will take home the victory. But the ambitious cooking pros only find out who they are actually cooking for when it's too late: when they deliver the dishes to the customers' doorsteps, which they have to do themselves.

On KnivesOn Knives

Chef Jacek quits his job. With the help of friends, he decides to open his own restaurant.


Harvest is The History Channel's reality series which follows three harvesting crews on a mission to chase crops and cash in. These custom-harvesting crews are on a six-month mission with millions of cash at stake, and plenty of obstacles, from droughts to tornadoes and more.

The Everyday Gourmet: The Joy of Mediterranean CookingThe Everyday Gourmet: The Joy of Mediterranean Cooking

Tapas. Olive oil. Clean eating. Three of the biggest trends in the world of food aren't really trends at all-they're hallmarks of the close-to-the-earth style of cooking known as Mediterranean cuisine.

What's The Catch With Matthew EvansWhat's The Catch With Matthew Evans

A documentary series exploring the shocking truth about Australia's seafood. The show's host will launch a campaign ensuring seafood is labelled so that Australians will make a better choice when it comes to buying and consuming seafood.


This is an educational public affairs program of Radio-Canada television on food, be it consumption or nutritional value. It is also a useful food guide.

Korean Food Made SimpleKorean Food Made Simple

This series is a fascinating introduction to simple, delicious, healthy Korean food, quick and easy to cook. Executive chef and food writer Judy Joo travels back to South Korea and sets off on an incredible culinary journey to visit some of the amazing people and places inspiring her Korean cooking and shares with us her passion for authentic traditional and modern Korean dishes. Back in her kitchen, she shares with us her super-simple recipes, inspiring everyone to try out Korean flavors and ingredients for family and friends.

Sergio & Axel: Van de kaartSergio & Axel: Van de kaart

The Dutch top chef Sergio Herman and the Flemish actor Axel Daeseleire are going on a culinary world trip to Thailand, Japan, India, Mexico, Lebanon and Norway.

Chuck's Day OffChuck's Day Off

How does the co-owner and chef of one of Montreal's hottest restaurants relax on his one day off each week? By doing what he does best - cook. In each episode of this series, Chuck Hughes shows viewers how to make the simple yet tasty dishes he prepares for his family, friends and co-workers when he's not doing the same for his patrons.

Tyler's UltimateTyler's Ultimate

Fried chicken... Burgers... Spaghetti and meatballs.... If you're only going to have one recipe for these crowd-pleasing classics, it might as well be the ultimate–Tyler's Ultimate. Between cooking in critically-acclaimed restaurants, writing cookbooks and traveling the globe to feed his own insatiable appetite, Tyler Florence has experienced every conceivable approach to all of your favorite foods. Now, he's drawing from the best of the best to present a visual cookbook of America's most beloved dishes.