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Color Splash

David Bromstat returns to his hometown of Miami to transform rooms and outdoor spaces with lots of color!

The Jim Norton Show

VICE and Jim Norton are teaming up to put our own twist on the traditional late-night talk show.

America's Funniest People

Regular people tell jokes, do impressions, perform stunts.

Step It Up & Dance

Bravo enters the reality dance show arena with Step It Up & Dance, a contest that spans a range of styles from ballet to burlesque. Expect lots of creativity along with the usual competitiveness and drama.

Superstars of Dance

Host Michael Flatley of the "Lord of the Dance" will host this program which pits accomplished dancers from various traditions around the world against one another. Think "So You Think You Can Dance" meets the Olympics.

Million Dollar Money Drop


| Family, Talent

FOX game show hosted by Kevin Pollak where contestants are given $1 million at the start of the game and must work to hold onto it as the game goes on. All they have to do is answer 7 multiple-choice questions correctly and they get to keep their money!

Opening Act

Reality show follows YouTube talent as they get the opportunity to open for music superstars.

Chance to Dance

The Producers of "American Idol" and "So You Think You Can Dance" Join Forces with Ovation to Create the Network's First Breakthrough Original Series.

Totally T-Boz

This series focuses on Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins as she returns to Los Angeles with the goal of re-booting her music career, this time as a single mother, and after surviving years of recovery from a life-threatening brain tumor, which forced her to relearn how to walk and talk.

World of Jenks

Theis show follows a complete stranger in each episode and explores their lives, interacts with their family and living life through their eyes.