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Foxy & Co.

Popular former Face Off contestant Eric Fox (aka Foxy) is taking on Hollywood with his charmingly sinister personality and characteristic good humor. Foxy appeared on season four of Face Off and became an immediate fan favorite thanks to his original style, wild imagination and mad-scientist-like creations. This all-new special follows Foxy as he opens up his very own creature effects shop with the help of fellow former Face Off contestants Nicole Chilelli, RJ Haddy and Roy Wooley.

Slum Survivors

The show follows three teenage amateurs as they head to slums across the world to spend 10 days with the people who do the jobs they want to do in a very different environment.

Close Up Kings

The series follows three sleight-of-hand magicians and best friends, Magick Balay, Loki and Johnny Blaze as they travel from city to city across America trying out new tricks and attempting to outperform one another.

Pressure Cooker: Chef vs Chef

In each episode, viewers will see three new teams compete in a different city in the USA for a cash prize. One member of each team is a chef, while the other member has little to no culinary expertise. The teams will have a limited amount of time to prepare dishes, and with just a small budget, a map and a smart phone (with no internet), they must source the best produce from local suppliers and create a world class meal for the panel of judges. Hosted by comedian and food writer, Max Silvestri.

The Fabulous Life of...

A show based on The Lifestyles of the Rich And Famous, VH1 brings the things, places and events that celebrities enjoy.

Rock the Cradle

Rock the Cradle is a new reality singing competition series that pits the children of famous singers against each other.

The Superstars

Based on the ABC classic series Wide World of Sports, this new offering pits athletes from a number of different sports against each others in order to determine the world's best athlete.

Jump City: Seattle

Four teams with the greatest talents of parkour and free-running compete against each other in an eight week competition in order to find the best of the best.

The Incredible Mr Goodwin

Reality series following Jonathan Goodwin, escapologist and professional danger man, as he attempts spectacular feats of out-of-this-world bravery, agility and physical strength.

Barber Battle

The show visits different barbershops across the country in each of its 10 episodes. The most talented barbers will compete to showcase their artistry - from portraits to landmarks to ballparks - on someone's head.